How To Find Dog Boarding For Aggressive Dogs

How To Find Dog Boarding For Aggressive Dogs
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Owning an aggressive dog makes it a real challenge if you need to go out of town. Many facilities are afraid to deal with them and simply won’t take them on. However, there are some options. Here’s how to hunt down a place which is willing to take dogs that have aggression problems or other complicated issues.

Call Around

The only way to know if a place will take an aggressive dog is to call around. You’ll need to call each facility and explain your dog’s problems in detail.

Ask if the staff is trained to deal with aggressive dogs, and if they would be comfortable taking them. Some of them may say yes, and some may say no. But you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Make sure that they have separate facilities available for your dog and not just communal spaces. An easily aggravated pup needs their own space for the good of everyone involved.

Call Vets, Shelters, and Private Rescues

Did you know that some shelters, vets, and private rescues offer private boarding? These facilities are more well-equipped and have the training needed to handle problem animals. So, if you’re having trouble finding a place to board an aggressive dog – this is likely your best bet.

Call your vet or local rescue, and make sure to thoroughly explain your pup’s issues, and ask if they offer private boarding. If they say no, ask if they know any others who do. They may be able to point you in the right direction and help you find a place that’s willing to take your dog!

If you got your dog from a rescue, you can start there, or at their vet. They may be more comfortable since they already know these people and deal with them regularly.

Call Places Outside The City

Many kennels and boarding facilities inside bigger cities simply don’t have the space or staffing to deal with aggressive dogs. However, looking outside the city could provide some options for you.

Kennels in the suburbs or more rural areas have more room to house dogs away from each other, and they may be better equipped to give your pup the space that they need.

You may need to drive an hour or so for this option, but it could be healthier for your dog.

Look For An In-Home Pet Sitter

While your average pet sitter is not a good choice, there are qualified people on dog sitting sites. Look and see if you can find someone who specifically says they can deal with problem dogs and has real dog training under their belt as well as experience, particularly in a rescue, vet, or shelter situation where they deal with these kinds of dogs every day.

Your dog will likely be more comfortable, because they can stay in their own home. Plus, there will be less external stressors to deal with since there will be no additional animals, or large amounts of people to scare them.

Find A Private Border

If your pup staying in your home is not an option for whatever reason, there are also private boarders. Much like the ‘in-home sitter’, the private boarder does the same, but in their own home. This comes with the benefit of having less animals and people present and a more relaxed home environment.

Make sure to explain your dog’s situation as best you can and go into detail about what triggers their aggression. This will allow the boarder to make a decision about whether or not your dog will be a good fit, or if they fear something in their set-up may be triggering to your dog.

Many sites, like Rover, also have filters which will allow you to exclude people in situations you KNOW will be a problem. For example, you can exclude people with other dogs, kids, and those without fenced yards.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
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