Dogs In Flight

With airlines tightening restrictions, or even banning animals altogether, finding humane transportation for your dog is more challenging than ever. In this article, we explore alternative in-cabin accomodations for large dogs.

Conquering Litter Box Issues Once & For All

Litter box avoidance is the #1 reason people surrender their cats to shelters, but your cat doesn’t have to be a statistic.

Read our Beanietoes litter box guide to help you get your feline friend on the right track, and our clean up guide to help make your house liveable again.

Oh No.

Worms. Nobody wants to deal with them, but in this article, we help pet parents to fight these infestations. We’ll teach you how to identify different parasites, how to treat them, and when to seek help.

Fake Seresto Collars?

YES, counterfeiters are everywhere, even in pet products. This video shows how to identify counterfeit Seresto collars. You can also read more about these collars and how they work in our Seresto Article.

Lend A Helping Paw

Wondering how you can help animals in need? Our charity page helps readers learn how to get involved with their local shelter in the new year.

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