Can I give my dog pumpkin everyday?

can i give my dog pumpkin everyday
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Most people know that pumpkin is good for dogs, but is there a such thing as too much pumpkin? In this article, we’ll be talking about the benefits of pumpkin and how much you should be feeding your dog.

So, can I give my dog pumpkin everyday?

Yes, you can. But, you should make sure you know how much you should be giving them. If your dog is eating half a can of pumpkin per day, that’s a problem, but a spoon full or two with their food is perfectly fine.

Benefits of Pumpkin For Dogs

  • Helps keep your dog regular

Most people feed their dogs pumpkin for this reason. It helps your dog to have firmer stools and calm stomach upset. That is, as long as you don’t over do it.

  • Nutrient rich and low calories

If your pooch is a bit overweight, pumpkin can actually help. Pumpkin is low in calories and very filling, making them feel fuller and eating less of fattier foods.

  • It’s good for their skin and coat

Many of the vitamins contained in pumpkin are actually great for skin and coat health. So, your pup will also be looking their best.

  • Pumpkin seeds can help to control parasites

Did you know dogs can eat pumpkin seeds too? Not only can they eat the seeds, but they actually help control internal parasites. Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitin, which is toxic to intestinal worms. (but fine for your dog!)

What is too much pumpkin for dogs?

Some people get a bit over zealous with pumpkin, because they see it as health food, and everyone could use more healthy food, right? Not quite. Nutrition is about balance, and too much pumpkin can actually have the opposite effect as desired, causing stomach upset and bloating.

Pumpkin for dog diarrhea dosage chart

Need a little help figuring out how much pumpkin to give fido? Use the below weight chart as a rough guide for dosing, but remember that if they have upset stomach issues to give them less. They may be more sensitive.

How much pumpkin for dogs under 25lbs?

Start with one small spoon full for smaller dogs.

How much pumpkin for 25 lb dog?

Two spoon fulls to start for dogs weighing 25 lbs. or so.

How much pumpkin for 60 lb dog?

For larger dogs in the 60 lb. range, you can likely go up to 3 spoon fulls.

How much pumpkin for dogs over 60lbs?

If you have a very large dog, then you might be able to go up to 4 spoons of pumpkin.

Note: All animals are individuals! It’s best to start small and then slowly increase the amount of pumpkin if they need more. Some animals will be more sensitive, and some may not deal with sudden diet changes well. So, be mindful of their comfort.

Dogs & Pumpkin FAQ

How fast does pumpkin work for dog diarrhea?

It’s hard to say. While pumpkin is great for dogs with bowel issues, don’t expect immediate results. It could take a day or two to see the benefits.

Honestly though, if your dog has frequent diarrhea, there is a bigger issue here. They likely are allergic to their food, and you should work on finding a food that is easier for them to digest rather than using pumpkin as a band aid to cover up a much bigger issue.

Can you use pumpkin for dogs vomiting?

While pumpkin does help to settle the stomach, if your dog is vomiting, this probably will not do it. For dogs with vomiting issues a bland diet is more appropriate for them.

Dave’s pet food makes an excellent bland diet for dogs. It’s very easy to digest, and could help if your dog is always throwing up.

Also, it might be a good idea to give your dog a dewormer! Excessive vomiting could be caused by a roundworm infestation. You can read more about how to know if your dog has worms in this article.

Can dogs eat pumpkin skin?

They can, but probably not the kind you are familiar with. Pumpkins used for carving are typically very woody and hard to eat. However, if you have skin from butternut pumpkins, which are thinner, dogs can eat that. You can roast it in the oven and make healthy dog treats for them!

It’s not a good idea to give them hard pumpkin skin, because the pieces could cause obstructions in their bowels.

Is pumpkin for dogs with anemia okay?

Yes! Dogs who are anemic are lacking in many nutrients. Pumpkin has Vitamin B9, which is good for them. Adding it to their diet is perfectly fine. Just make sure to introduce it into their diet slowly so as not to create stomach upset.

Is pumpkin for dogs with pancreatitis okay?

Yes, pumpkin is just fine for dogs with pancreatitis. In fact, it could help to settle their stomach. Pumpkin is easy to digest, and it can help your dog keep their other food down.

PS. If you need a good low-fat food for dogs with pancreatitis, then we can recommend this formula from Nulo.

My dog ate a whole can of pumpkin – Will they be okay?

You should prepare to clean up some messes, but your dog will probably be okay within a day. They might end up throwing up, or will at least likely experience some diarrhea.

Keep tabs on them throughout the day, and make sure to provide them with fresh water. Dogs may become dehydrated after being ill like this.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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