The best cat food for firm stool and less waste

best cat food for firm stool and less waste
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The best cat food for firm stool is simply the one that agrees best with your cat’s digestive tract. Cats are individuals, and digestive issues are not particularly easy to diagnose.

However, we do have some picks for you that will make that job much easier! These foods are best cat food for less poop and firmer stools in your cat’s litter box.

Note: That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do a little detective work though, and we’ll explain what that means in just a minute.

How to choose the best cat food for loose stools?

For most cats, loose stools signify a digestive issue. This could be due to several factors, but the most common is from food intolerance and allergies.

While this is an easy enough fix, the tough part is figuring out exactly what triggers your cat’s issue. Cats are individuals, and there’s no one size fits all solution for this.

That unfortunately means that you may need to go through a little trial and error before you find a food which will actually agree with your cat’s digestive tract.

The good news is that by sticking to a few key principals it will be easier for you to narrow down what your cat’s issue is. Here’s what to look out for when choosing the best cat food for less waste.

Look for limited ingredient diets

Limited ingredient diets are diets that include very few ingredients. This is a great approach for cats with food allergies and digestive issues, because it makes it much easier to figure out what is triggering their problem.

Stick to one protein item

Sometimes animals can actually have problems digesting more than one protein item at once. Swapping to a food that uses only one protein type can often be beneficial. For example, if the food is salmon flavored, then all of the meat ingredients should could from salmon.

Avoid dairy

Dairy can sometimes be a big trigger for diarrhea and soft stools. While this is normally used in kitten foods, some cat foods might incorporate it, so avoid any milk products when you can. This can make your cat’s poop watery if they are sensitive to it, and the best cat food for less waste will probably avoid dairy.

Go grain free

Cats are meant to eat meat and many of them may actually have trouble digesting grains. Eliminate corn, wheat and rice from their diet and you’ll probably see an improvement when it comes to digestion.

Opt for a carbohydrate that’s easier on the stomach like sweet potatoes or pumpkin, which can help your cat to stay regular when it comes to bowel movements. High fiber cat food for diarrhea and loose stool prevention should incorporate healthy veggies, not fillers and junk!

So,What’s the best cat food for firm stool, less poop, and diarrhea?

Here are our top 3 picks to help your furry friends with litter box problems.

Best Fresh Food For Litter box issues – NomNom!

best cat food for less poop

NomNomNow is a fresh pet food delivery company. They offer the highest quality foods available for cats, and all of their recipes are cooked fresh and delivered to your house every week.

They use only human grade, fresh ingredients and it’s one of the best cat food for less poop. This is because fresh food is better for the body, resulting in more nutrients being absorbed rather than expelled.((

It’s also free of many of the common trigger items we talked about at the beginning of the article. These allergens are often to blame for cats having loose stools or other problems in the litter box.

While you might think a premium food like this would be quite expensive, it’s actually pretty affordable to feed your cat a great food like this. NomNomNow’s cat plans start at just $14 per week, which is comparable to a similar quality canned food.

best cat food for loose stools
The ingredients and photo of their most popular cat recipe.

NomNomNow doesn’t use low quality filler items like corn or grain. Their Chicken Chow-Meow recipe is likely best for this issue, because it sticks to a single protein type and it uses healthier carbohydrates like asparagus, spinach and carrot.

Above you can see all of the nutritional information and the ingredients for this recipe. As you can see, it’s very limited in ingredients, making it a great choice not only for cats with loose stools but also for kitties suffering from skin allergies or vomiting after eating as well.

Their foods also come in already portioned packages so you’ll always know that you’re feeding your cat the correct amount. If you’re interested in trying out this great food for your cat then you can save 50% through this link on your first order.

Best Freeze Dried Cat Food For Diarrhea – Wysong Archetype

best cat food for firm stool

If your kitty has problems with virtually every ingredient you try, then extreme measures are in order. Fortunately, Wysong offers a product which can help to tame nearly any food allergy that your cat might have.

That’s because Archetype is made almost entirely of a singular meat protein item. In fact, it’s over 95% meat of the named protein, and you can choose from several options such as chicken, rabbit, pollock and quail to find something to suit your kitty’s taste buds.

It’s also great for cats that are picky eaters because foods with such a high meat content are always tastier for them. This food is also a good choice if you have a cat who needs a starch free diet, such as a cat suffering from diabetes. Archetype is one of the few totally starch free foods for cats.

This is a freeze dried raw product, and we recommend that you actually re-hydrate it with water. That will give your cat much needed moisture that can aide in their digestion. Staying hydrated also helps them to fight off other nasty health problems like struvite crystals or kidney issues as well.

If you purchase through Chewy you can save an additional 30% off of this great food by signing up for auto-ship too!

Best Dry Cat Food For Diarrhea – Halo!

Looking for a cat food for loose stools that won’t put you in the poor house? While our other options are great, they are a little pricey for some pet parents.

Fortunately, our last pick is not, and it allows you to provide acceptable nutrition to your cat without spending a ton of money. They also don’t skimp on quality and their ingredients are top notch.

Halo uses only human grade ingredients to create their foods, and they use a limited number of ingredients to provide a diet that’s easy on the digestive tract. This includes using a lower carbohydrate formula and healthier veggie choices.

They also provide a number of specialty diets like gluten free, grain-free, kitten, senior cat and other diets. Plus, they also offer a wide variety of flavors which makes it easy to find something your cat will eat.

Halo’s so confident about the digestibility of their food that they actually tested it in a lab against other popular brands, and this food is likely to be a great choice to help your cat stay regular.

The only issue with Halo is that their foods rarely focus on a singular protein. That means that if your cat has troubles digesting popular proteins like chicken then this could be a poor choice for them, because most of their foods will feature it in some form.

However, if that’s not an issue for your cat, then this is probably the best cat food for firm stool that you can buy in this price range. You can also save up to 30% with Chewy if you use auto-ship to buy it, making it an even better deal if you buy it online.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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