Up until a few years ago, I was just like everyone else. I bought pet food without really looking at the label, simply trusting that pet food manufacturers were doing right by my fur babies.

After all, that kind of stuff is regulated right? Wrong. So very wrong.

After adopting our rescue cat, I quickly found that he had horrible digestive issues. He would constantly be vomiting, or experiencing the most horrible diarrhea you’d ever seen in your life.

Thus I began trying cat food after cat food to find something that agreed with his sensitive digestive tract, leading me to inspect the labels for the foods more carefully. They were horrible.

“There’s nothing but corn in here! That’s no diet for a cat.” I thought to myself.

I started turning over every pet product at stores, and to my dismay, all of them were like that. Despite the fact that some of these foods were charging premium prices and they displayed pictures of delicious meats on the front, it was all a big lie.

All in all, I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours reading ingredient labels and researching pet products, only to find that many pet product manufacturers don’t quite have our fur baby’s best interest in mind!

Did you know that pet food manufacturers are actually allowed to use 4D meat in their products? This is “meat” that can potentially be sourced from diseased, dying, or euthanized animals.

That’s why some bargain basement foods were recalled recently for containing Pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. How could this happen? It’s because a lot of pet food companies are in a race to the bottom over ingredients, and they’re hoping that you don’t find out about it.

The good news is, that I learned a lot about pet food, and I learned how to identify good foods from bad foods, finally settling on a food that worked wonderfully for our poor fur baby.

And guess what? As soon as he stopped eating those horrid foods, all of his health issues vanished. No more vomiting or diarrhea. He’s healthy and active, and his coat is wonderfully shiny and smooth. It’s like he’s an entirely different cat.

If your fur baby has similarly suffered from the effects of bad pet food, then I’d invite you to check out our healthy pet food guides. I’ve done one for cats and one for dogs, which will help you to learn about tricks that bad pet food companies use and help you to find healthy foods for your pets.

I’m not a vet. I’m just someone who was fed up with crappy pet food, and you should be too.

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