Best dog food for Shih Tzu with allergies

Best dog food for Shih Tzu with allergies

In this article we’ll be talking about the best dog food for shih tzu with allergies. Every breed has its own specific quirks, and unfortunately for the Shih Tzu one of their problems is allergies. Food based allergies can cause many problems for these dogs such as vomiting, diarrhea and skin irritations.

The good news is that allergies are actually pretty easy to treat. As long as you can identify what’s triggering them, then it’s easy to find the best dog food for shih tzu with skin allergies or digestive issues without a ton of work.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s not a one size fits all solution for this. Dogs are individuals and their allergy triggers could be very different from one another! This means that even an excellent food might be the wrong choice for your dog.

While this can make things frustrating at first, with a little detective work you can easily find the right food for your pup. Let’s talk about some methods you can use to figure out which foods are right for your dog first, and then we’ll give you our recommendations!

How to find the best dog food for Shih Tzu with skin allergies

Avoid grains if possible

Your first mission should be to either eliminate or at least extremely limit grains in your dog’s food. Items like corn or wheat are not only empty calories that your dog doesn’t need, but they can also be difficult for your dog to digest. Many dogs also are allergic to them and it’s a good place to start when you begin to cut out problematic ingredients in their diet.

Pick a food without dairy products

Dairy products can be problematic for animals to digest. In many cases they can lead to digestive issues that result in soft stools or diarrhea. If your dog has a similar reaction to foods, the avoiding dairy is a good move.

Opt for limited ingredient options

Sticking with a limited ingredient diet makes it much easier to diagnose your dog’s allergy. Less ingredients make a food easier to digest and it also means that your dog’s food contains less potential allergy triggers. In short, the less ingredients listed on the package the better!

Stick to one protein type

Some dogs actually have a hard time digesting multiple types of protein at ones. So, for Shih Tzus with skin allergies or digestive problems you might actually want to stick to one protein source. This means that if the food says that it’s chicken flavor all of the meats should come from chicken.

The best dog food for Shih Tzu with allergies

Okay, now that we know what we’re looking for, it’s time to get into our list of the best dog foods for Shiz Tzus with allergies! All of the foods we’ve chosen are limited in ingredients and use only human grade foods. There’s no mystery meats here or unsavory and unnatural stuff that’s bad for your dog.

#1 – NomNomNow

The number one spot on our list for best dog food for shih tzu with allergies goes to NomNomNow. This awesome dog food company is actually a fresh food delivery program that ships healthy meals for dogs straight to their owner’s homes!

Everything they send is cooked fresh each week, and they use only the best human grade ingredients when making their foods. All of their diets are also created with the help of their on staff veterinary nutrition expert too, so you know your pup is getting the best possible nutrition.

Since their foods are completely natural and limited in ingredients, that actually makes them a prime choice for Shih Tzus with allergies. Below you can see one of their sample recipes which we recommend for you to try for Shih Tzus with skin allergies, vomiting or diarrhea issues.

best dog food available

As you can see, the recipes for this brand are extremely limited, and they look like real food! This recipe ticks all of our boxes for allergy concerns. It uses just one healthy protein, it doesn’t include grains, it contains no dairy and it has just four main ingredients. However, if your pup is allergic to poultry then they also have some other great recipes which are poultry free as well!

Their diets are low in carbohydrates, include no nasty filler foods or by-products and they even come already portioned for you so you know that you’re always feeding your dog the right amount! This makes it super easy to make sure your pup is not eating too much and becoming obese.

If you’re looking for the absolute best food for Shih Tzus with allergies, then this is it. Interested in feeding your fur baby like a doggy king or queen? You can get 20% off your first order to give them a trial run and see if they’re right for you and your dog.

#2 – Wysong Archetype

Does your Shih Tzu’s allergies extend to all starches and most carbohydrates? Well, then we have another great pick for you which can help you out greatly. Wysong’s Arcehtype is one of the few totally starch free dog foods on the market.

This diet is great for dogs who seemingly react poorly to every starch or carbohydrate that’s commonly in dog food, and it’s also a good pick for diabetic dogs who need to be on very low carb diets.

Wysong’s Archetype is actually composed of over 95% meat, and what’s left is made up of some lower impact vegetables and fruits like broccoli and blueberries. It’s also a whole prey raw diet which gives your dog the benefit of not just whole meats but also organ meats and bones which add much needed nutrients to their diet!

All of their foods also focus on just one meat protein item, and this extremely limited approach makes this an excellent food for dogs with persistent food allergies. It’s also available in several flavors, making it easy to find the right one for picky dogs.

This is actually a freeze dried product, and while you can feed it to them as is in chunks, you’ll likely have better results if you re-hydrate it with water. If you do it this way the food will be more attractive and you’ll also give your dog the benefit of additional liquids, which helps maintain their overall health and aids in digestion.

Interested in trying out this great dog food to tame your Shih Tzu’s allergies? You can get the best price for it at the manufacturer’s website. However, if you’re interested in saving an additional 10% then you can sign up for their auto-ship program to have it delivered on a schedule!

#3 – Halo Dog Food

best dog food for frenchie with allergies

If the other foods on our list were outside your budget range, then don’t despair. We have another great pick for you that’s also excellent for pet parents on a budget.

Halo makes amazingly high-quality pet foods at an even more amazing price. In fact, it’s likely that you can pick up this food for about the save price you’d pay for a decent big box store brand but you’ll get a much higher-quality product for the money.

This company uses only human grade whole meats and non-GMO vegetables in their foods, and this consistent quality extends to both their canned and dry foods. All of which are also extremely easy to digest, making them a great choice if your pup’s allergies manifest themselves in diarrhea or vomiting.

While fresh and raw foods will always be the best, Halo is a close second. However, there are a few problems with this food that should be discussed.

The first is that it’s difficult to find a Halo food that only includes the named meat product. Many of them include chicken to some degree, so if your dog is sensitive to proteins then you’ll need to read the ingredients on each flavor carefully before selecting one.

Their foods are also not all grain-free. If you need a grain-free variety then you’ll need to make sure to only purchase the flavors which note this on the bags or cans. However, the carbohydrate and grain count is still pretty low anyway.

Whether or not your dog will have a problem with these ingredients will depend on them as an individual. While our other options make it easier to conquer food allergies, we would recommend Halo if you simply can’t afford those options or if your dog mostly has issues with diarrhea, as this food is particularly easy to digest.

If you’re interested in reading some reviews from pet parents or learning more about this food you can do so here. Ps. If you’d like to save even more on this great food you can get up to 20% off for each shipment if you purchase it through Amazon Prime auto-ship!