dog hamster wheel

This dog hamster wheel is so cool!

In today’s blog we’re taking a look at a really cool product that can help you up your dog’s exercise level. Every dog, but high energy large breeds especially, need a TON of exercise. Unfortunately, many just don’t have the time to give them as much exercise as they need between long work hours and chores. Ever wish your dog could burn off some energy in doors? Well, now he can! This awesome dog hamster wheel by GoPets can help you fill the time gap for high energy breeds. Check it out!

best wet cat food for weight loss

This is the best wet cat food for weight loss you can buy!

If your cat is getting to be a little too heavy, then you may be rightfully concerned about their health. Overweight pets are often exposed to increased risks for a number of ailments including diabetes and possibly fatty tumors. Putting your cat on a diet is a great step to improving their health, and in this article we’re going to cover the best foods you can use for this, and also some tips to helping your feline friend regain their svelte figure.

Is your dog’s breath horrible? Try this dog bad breath treatment!

Does your dog have breath that could knock you down? While many pet parents may simply think this is due to eating stinky dog food, this is likely not the case. In fact, stinky dog breath could actually be a symptom of a serious problem which could potentially cause tooth loss for your dog! Fortunately, horrible dog breath is something you can treat at home with a number of products. In this article we’ll explore a dog breath remedy or two that you can use, and we’ll even discuss what gives dogs this problem in the first place so you can take preventative measures!

These are the worst dog food brands that you should avoid!

There’s a huge number of dog foods out there, and it can be difficult to know which ones are good for your dog and which ones aren’t. While there are a number of brands you likely do know are not good for your pup, there are some others that may surprise you! A number of brands marketed as “healthier” may be anything but, and pet parents are often mislead into thinking they are feeding their dog a quality food, when in reality it’s just more crappy food hyped up by marketing teams.

In today’s article we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to actually cover some of the worst foods for your dog, and tell you what makes them so bad. Then we’ll offer you some much better alternatives which you can give to your pooch instead. If you’re currently feeding one of these brands to your dog, then the benefits of a new and higher quality food will likely make themselves apparent quickly. Your dog’s coat and skin will look better, if they have previously had an digestion issues they will likely go away, and you may even find he’s more energetic as well.

How to cool your dog down

Being a pet parent means taking care of someone that can’t always vocalize exactly what their needs are. That means that you need to be mindful of your dog’s limitations. Puppers get hot just like people, and during the summer time there’s a serious possibility of your dog overheating. Here’s some handy tips and ways to keep pets cool and in good health during the summer and year round!