Feline herpes treatment at home how to guide

The name of this condition is often confusing to people upon first hearing it, likely due to the human condition of the same name. However, these conditions are in no way related. Your cat can’t pass feline herpes on to you or even to dogs if you have them. This condition is however contagious for other cats, and if you have recently brought an infected cat into your home then you need to get your other cats checked as well.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for feline herpes. Once an animal has this disease they will have it for the rest of their life. However, this condition can be treated at home. There are steps you can take to reduce or almost eliminate your cat’s flare ups and ways that you can continue to give them an excellent quality of life for their remaining years. In this article we explore treatment options and changes you can make that will help your cat with this condition.