Beanietoe’s guide: The Best dry food for diabetic cats

Feeding a diabetic cat can be a challenge. As a pet parent who has recently found out that your fur baby is diabetic, you’ve likely realized exactly how much junk is in commercial pet foods that is bad for pets. Unfortunately, manufacturers want to save money, so they pack their foods full of low value carbohydrates that aren’t great for cats. Your cat needs to eat meat, and having a diet comprised almost entirely of corn is not very good for them.

Don’t worry though, because Beanietoes is here to help. We’re going to do our best to help you find a cat that is both nutritionally balanced and healthy for cats with diabetes. We’ll clue you in on which products to weed out of your cats diet, and how not to get tricked by common deceptive tactics that some pet food manufacturers use to mislead pet parents into buying unhealthy food for their cats. First though, let’s discuss what the ultimate goal of a diabetic friendly diet is.