The best diabetic dog food options for your dog

If your dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, then you may have quickly found out that he can no longer eat the majority of foods available for sale at supermarkets and even most of the brands in pet stores. For cost saving measures, almost all of these products are packed full of carbohydrates and sugars which are no go items for diabetic pups.

While your vet would love for you to visit him to get your dog’s food, you can use a non prescription diabetic dog food that will work just as well. Not all of these products are marketed as “diabetic”, and you may need to do some extra detective work to find them, but they are out there. Fortunately, Beanietoes has already done that work for you, and in this article we’re going to not only give you some stellar tips for adjusting your dog’s diet, but we’ll also make some recommendations for new foods you can try that don’t require a prescription. Let’s start with the basics and talk about what a diabetic dog needs in their diet.