best dry food for diabetic cats

Beanietoe’s guide: The Best dry food for diabetic cats

Feeding a diabetic cat can be a challenge. As a pet parent who has recently found out that your fur baby is diabetic, you’ve likely realized exactly how much junk is in commercial pet foods that is bad for pets. Unfortunately, manufacturers want to save money, so they pack their foods full of low value carbohydrates that aren’t great for cats. Your cat needs to eat meat, and having a diet comprised almost entirely of corn is not very good for them.

Don’t worry though, because Beanietoes is here to help. We’re going to do our best to help you find a cat that is both nutritionally balanced and healthy for cats with diabetes. We’ll clue you in on which products to weed out of your cats diet, and how not to get tricked by common deceptive tactics that some pet food manufacturers use to mislead pet parents into buying unhealthy food for their cats. First though, let’s discuss what the ultimate goal of a diabetic friendly diet is.

how to get rid of cat fleas in the house

Here’s how to get rid of cat fleas in the house FOR GOOD!

Uh oh! Are the fleas really starting to bug you? Unfortunately, getting rid of a flea problem can be easier said than done. Sometimes you may find that even after killing all of your cat’s fleas they quickly become re-infested. This is most likely due to lingering eggs or fleas hiding out in your house. Pretty soon this creates a vicious cycle that you feel may never end!

Fear not pet parents, because today we’re going to help you squash those nasty little biters for good! We’ll help you to not only treat your house to eliminate any lingering eggs or adult fleas, but we’ll also help you to treat your cat to make sure he can’t get infested again.

most digestible cat food

Try one of these highly digestible cat food brands!

The symptoms for pets with digestion issues can vary greatly, but if you have a fur baby that experiences vomiting, diarrhea, gas, skin allergies, itchiness, or constipation, then they could be having a reaction to their food. As a pet parent, it can be frustrating when this occurs, because often times that means a long trial and error type of game where you have to try to eliminate products which your pet may be sensitive too. Don’t worry though, because in today’s article we’re going to help remove some of this work for you by providing the best foods for pets with digestive issues.

best low carb cat food

Beanietoe’s Ultimate Low Carb Cat Food List and Buyers Guide!

Cats are obligate carnivores. That means that they need meat to survive. Cat food manufactures add additional items for their cost savings benefits, and not for the health of your cat. Feeding your cat a high protein diet is almost always the best way to improve their health, and in this article we’re going to go over some of the best high protein diet options out there for cats. There’s also a couple of carb free cat food choices on the list so you can totally ditch the extras too! These options will of course be the most expensive, but if you’re okay with a grain free low carb alternative then you can save a little money while still providing excellent nutrition to your cat.

best wet cat food for weight loss

This is the best wet cat food for weight loss you can buy!

If your cat is getting to be a little too heavy, then you may be rightfully concerned about their health. Overweight pets are often exposed to increased risks for a number of ailments including diabetes and possibly fatty tumors. Putting your cat on a diet is a great step to improving their health, and in this article we’re going to cover the best foods you can use for this, and also some tips to helping your feline friend regain their svelte figure.