How Much Does Boarding A Cat Cost?

How Much Does Boarding A Cat Cost?
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Going away and leaving your pet for the first time can be scary! Not only can it be pricey, but it’s also worrisome to trust your furry friend to somebody else that you don’t know. Here are some considerations to make before you choose a place to house your kitty while you’re away.

How Much Does Boarding A Cat Cost?

$15-$45 per day. This price, of course, depends on many different factors, including the cost of living in your area, and the facility where your cat is boarded. A home boarder will likely charge less than a fancy pet hotel, and if you live in an expensive city, you’ll pay more than in a lower cost of living locale.

The good news is that cat boarding prices tend to be cheaper than for dogs. This is because dogs are more work than cats, since they need more personal attention, time spent on walks, and bigger spaces.

Is Boarding Right For My Cat?

Boarding can be a bit traumatic if your cat has never been away from home before. In addition, not all cats get a long with other animals, and this could be a concern if you’re considering boarding. If you have these worries for your cat, then you could also looking into an ‘in-home pet sitter’.

The price will likely be similar, but the sitter will come to your home and care for your cat. This allows your fur baby to stay where they are comfortable while still being cared for. Obviously, this requires more trust than boarding since you’ll be letting someone into your home, and you might consider paying a friend to pet sit!

What To Know Before Boarding A Cat?

If you do choose to board your cat, know that all boarding facilities are not created equal! If you want to make sure your cat stays at a good facility, try asking around to friends and family who travel often for business. Or, read online reviews and reach out to people online in your city.

Many cities have their own online communities on Facebook or Reddit, and people there will likely be happy to give you recommendations, or warn you away from pet hotels which are shady.

If you do need to go it alone, here are some things to look out for when you are looking around!

  • Appearance Is Everything

A good boarding facility should be clean and quiet. If there are foul smells or a lot of noise, your cat is likely going to be stressed and maybe not well cared for.

  • How Much Space Do They Give Cats?

Cat condos should be big enough for your cat to move around. Think of it as more of a mini apartment and not a cage. If the cats barely have room to use the litter box – look elsewhere! This facility only cares about maximizing profits and not your cat’s health.

  • Where Are The Dogs At?

Most pet boarding places will accept both dogs and cats, and that’s fine. However, the cat’s living quarters should be far enough away that they are not constantly stressed by strange dogs barking.

  • How Attentive Are The Staff?

Ask specific questions. The boarding location you choose should have enough staff members on hand that the cats are interacted with multiple times per day. Your cat should also have time outside their cat condo to play and not just be cooped up for the entirety of your holiday!

  • Bring Things That Comfort Them!

Don’t forget to bring things your cat likes at home to keep them comfortable. You can send their favorite toy, bed, or treats with them to the boarding facility, or even a shirt that smells like you. This can help ease their time away from you.

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