My Ollie dog food reviews – Is it the best fresh pet food service?

my ollie dog food reviews
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Notes from the author

Our My Ollie dog food reviews research indicates that My Ollie offers pet parents high-quality meals for pups at an affordable price, and we have given their product our stamp of approval.

Their products are on-par with competitors, and save for a few small differences, mostly based on preference, they are an amazing pick for those looking to feed their dogs a healthier fresh food diet.

This service will be very cost-effective for those who own a single small to medium sized dog, but if you own a large breed dog, multiple dogs, or cats, then you may get a better deal from NomNomNow.

However, if you’re interested in giving this great service a try, then Beanietoes readers can save 50% on their first My Ollie order by using this link.

-Beanietoes Team

Hey there pet parents! If you’ve landed on this article, then you’re likely looking to offer your pet the best nutrition that you can, so good for you!

To start off our My Ollie dog food reviews post, we’ve given a rating and short summary above, but if you’d like to dive a little deeper into the My Ollie dog food brand, then we’ve done a full write up for you as well.

We’ll cover packaging, nutrition, ingredients, customer service, customization options, and cost comparisons to help you decide whether this is the brand for you and your pup. Let’s get started!

Who’s My Ollie?

Dogs are man’s best friend, and Ollie believes that they should finally be treated that way. While other dog food manufacturers constantly let down pet parents with endless recalls, and the usage of questionable ingredients, like 4D meat, which is often sourced from diseased or euthanized animals, Ollie thinks that there is a better way.

Founded in 2016, this human-grade pet food company cooks all of their recipes fresh every week in a commercial kitchen in Pennsylvania. By going direct to consumer, they’ve eliminated the need to create foods which must be shelf stable for 2-3 years, thus allowing them to use higher quality ingredients.

my ollie dog food reviews
My Ollie founders: Gabby Slome, Ben Sun, and Alexandre Douzet.

“We wanted to create a dog food product that was human grade. We felt that was a great way to distinguish the quality of our product. It might not be seasoned to satisfy a human’s taste, but our product is safe for a human to eat.”

My Ollie Team

So, what’s the real problem with commercial dog foods? Well, for starters, the whole process is very loosely regulated, and in many cases, companion animals are treated the same as livestock.

This means it’s up to us as pet owners to find the companies that really care about our fur babies, and My Ollie definitely fits the bill.

where is my ollie dog food made
MyOllie set out to re-invent dog food as we know it.

They’re a company founded and run by pet parents who want the best for their furry kids, and the company even offers their employees “Paw-terneity” leave, pet insurance discounts, free dog food, and bereavement, for those who are grieving a departed best friend.

Ollie is also incredibly transparent about their ingredients and manufacturing processes in an industry where the requirements to do so are almost non-existent, and that’s certainly something to be celebrated.

Is Ollie’s Dog Food Worth the Price?

First up, let’s compare the price of this dog food to competitor NomNomNow. How does it stack up pound per pound on a daily feeding cost basis?

While the exact price for your dog’s food will vary based on their weight and activity level, we can give you a ball park estimate that will allow you to compare these two services.

Feeding larger dogs, or highly active dogs will obviously always cost more, because they need more calories to sustain their bodies, and thus more food is required.

my ollie dog food reviews
Is Ollie the best deal for you? Check the chart below to find out!

However, you might be surprised to learn that this cost can be significantly different between brands! This is likely due to differences in packaging or manufacturing procedures which impacts the end product’s cost.

In any case, it’s worth getting a quote from both services before you decide on a brand if cost is your primary concern when shopping for pet food. That’s why we’ve created this handy chart to help you out.

how much does my ollie cost vs nomnom
Visual comparison of Ollie vs NomNomNow dog food.

Cost per day: My Ollie vs NomNomNow

15 Pounds$4.11 to $4.52$4.70 to $5.60
55 Pounds$8.57 to $9.42$6.80 to $9.44
95 Pounds$13.72 to $15.09$9.13 to $13.18

Based on this chart, we can see that for dogs under 55 pounds, the price for Ollie’s is actually a good deal cheaper than NomNomNow’s, but for dogs larger than that, it seems that the price may not be as good. 

However, there’s also another factor which you should take into account here. Ollie doesn’t offer any discounts other than the initial “trial offer.”

In our NomNomNow review we actually found that it could end up being cheaper than Ollie’s on all counts if you take their multi-pet and bulk shipping discounts into consideration.

NomNomNow Bulk shipping discounts

Here’s the potential savings when using bulk shipping for a dog in the 20-25 pound range.

Weekly Delivery$36.18/weekNormal Price
Bi-weekly Delivery$28.30/weekSave 21%
Monthly Delivery$24.36/weekSave 32%

Using the example above, your potential savings for NomNomNow could be substantial, bringing your cost per day for our 20-25 pound dog down to just $3.48 per day! That’s even less than what we calculated below for a high-quality kibble food.

In short, it pays to fiddle with the shipping settings before placing your order, and if you’re okay with getting less frequent shipments or have multiple pets, you could save a bundle by going with NomNomNow.

Please make sure to verify these costs for yourself, because there are a number of things that can impact pricing, so double check in the online tool for your dog first.

Ollie vs a high-quality canned or kibble food

By the way, if you’re interested in seeing how the cost of Ollie compares to a high-quality kibble or canned food, then we’ve made this little info-graphic for you.

As you can see, while a dry food is, of course, the cheapest option, fresh foods could actually be cheaper, particularly for a large dog if you can get bulk pricing discounts for it, such as with NomNomNow.

However, Ollie still comes out being a few dollars cheaper per day when compared to our premium canned product, and the savings could be even more when compared to an even pricier canned food.

myollie dog food reviews cost vs canned vs dry
When compared to a high-quality canned food, Ollie is quite affordable.

These numbers are based on the recommended feeding chart for the Halo canned and dry dog food brands for a 60 pound dog. While the cost for dry and canned would be a lot less than this for a “bargain box” pet food, those are terrible and not really a good comparison for a fresh food like MyOllie.

Halo is a high-quality dry and canned pet food brand that uses human-grade ingredients without cheap fillers, which makes this comparison much more fair in our opinion.

How does Ollie stack up nutritionally?

While Ollie doesn’t have an on staff vet nutritionist like NomNomNow does, they do have some great meals going for them. They offer a wide variety of different recipes, and their online order process even helps you to choose a food which is perfect for dogs that have allergies.

This makes them a great choice if you’re shopping for a particularly sensitive pooch who starts compulsively itching if they even look at a bad ingredient.

Unfortunately, they don’t have medical conditions on their lists such as diabetes, this would be a great addition, and it’d go a long way in helping pet parents choose the right meals for pups with medical considerations.

As far as ingredients go however, all of their recipes features high-quality and whole meat ingredients like turkey or chicken. They also do an excellent job of sticking to a single protein source, which is awesome for sensitive doggies!

my ollie ingredients list
Limited ingredient diets like MyOllie’s are great for pups with allergies or sensitive tummies.

Instead of mixing meat sources, they use a single meat item like turkey or chicken, and then they add organ meat from the same animal. While humans generally find organ meat a little icky, it’s actually very healthy and dogs loves it, and that’s good news for picky eaters!

Their recipes also feature highly digestible carbohydrates like pumpkin and sweet potatoes, while avoiding nasty fillers like corn and wheat, and their recipe variety makes it easy to pick something for a dog with severe allergies.

The only thing we dislike about Ollie’s recipes is that they don’t list the carbohydrate count openly on their website. Judging by the ingredients, this shouldn’t be a huge issue, but we still like to know, and we’d prefer if they put this information in their nutritional charts.

How can you get the best deal on Ollie?

Getting a great deal on Ollie is a little tougher than with NomNomNow, because they don’t offer any bulk or multi-pet discounts, unfortunately.

They do however offer a very generous 50% trial offer if you want to give them a spin, which is very nice, though NomNom now offers the same deal if you have your heart set on them.

If you’d like to offer your dog the superior nutrition of a fresh diet, but you can’t afford to feed them like a doggy king or queen all the time, then there is a little trick here that you can use with Ollie.

how to save money on myollie dog food reviews
You can actually purchase partial Ollie plans to save some money, or tempt a picky eater.

Ollie actually offers a “Some Ollie” plan which allows you to receive less frequent shipments. This means you could feed your dog high-quality fresh meals mixed with a high-quality dry or canned food, giving your dog healthier chow without breaking the bank.

It’s not ideal, but it is an option if you’re a loving pet parent on a budget. You can check out our healthy dog food guide to find some of our favorite dry and canned dog foods.

The Packaging and Shipping

Many reviews on ollie dog food actually gloss over one of its nicest features, the packaging. Ollie’s food comes in an arguably better package than what competitor NomNomNow offers. They send their foods in some plastic containers which are easy to stack.

The downside of course is that they are bigger, so they take up more room than NomNomNow’s packaging. Both of these options have their merits, and it’s really up to you to decide which is best. You can see a comparison of the two below!

The packaging is also probably the source of the cost difference between these two products. NomNomNow can likely afford to sell in bulk cheaper thanks to this minimalist packaging approach.

ollie reviews
Ollie’s containers stack neatly in the fridge, but take up more space than NomNom’s packaging.

There is of course one more thing to note about Ollie’s packaging. The foods are not pre-portioned like NomNomNow. So, you will have to do a bit of measuring, unlike with NomNomNow’s option which you can just open up and pour into the bowl.

ollie dog food review
While NomNomNow is pre-portioned, Ollie requires measuring for dinner time.

While this isn’t super inconvenient or anything, it does mean that you need to know how much you should be feeding your dog. NomNomNow simply makes it easier to make sure that your dog is getting enough food, or more likely, that they aren’t eating too much!

It’s estimated that at least 54% of dogs in America are actually overweight, because their humans have no idea how much they should be feeding them! NomNomNow takes the guess work out of doggy dieting, and that’s always a plus.

However, if you do decide to go with Ollie, they also include a handy feeding chart to help you out. So, as long as you follow their recommendation your doggo should be good to go!

ollie reviews
Ollie requires some measuring, but they do give you a handy feeding chart.

As far as shipping goes, Ollie offers free shipping for their foods, and it’s fast! The only downside to their shipping is that they don’t allow you to choose a delivery date. You will however get several email notifications letting you know that your order has shipped and another one letting you know that it has arrived.

Ollie and NomNomNow are pretty equal on this front, and you won’t really get any benefits by going with one service over the other.

They both come shipped in heavy duty carboard boxes with cold packs as well to keep the food properly chilled while in transit, allowing you to not worry about not being able to pick it up for a few hours.

What kinds of customization and options do they allow?

Ollie has a slight edge over NomNomNow in this department, because they allow for a little more customization using their website, saving you from having to make a burdensome phone call.

You can use their profile tool to choose the perfect meal plan for your dog based on their allergies, activity levels, weight, breed and preferences.

They also allow you to pick from a full plan and a supplementary plan where only some of your dog’s meals are provided by Ollie! This is an effective method for cutting costs if you need to save money, but you still want to offer your pup a really great food.

ollie dog food reviews
Ollie allows you to account for allergies, activity levels, and more in their online tool.

The bad news for Ollie is that their on-boarding process just seems clunkier than their competitors. It’s also a little more annoying to manage meal plans for multiple dogs, and you need to go to the check out screen to see the total price!

It also doesn’t seem to allow you to go back and make corrections, and it will instead just move you to the next area of the on-boarding process. While this seems helpful, if you mess up on one of the selections, this is pretty irritating since you can’t edit your choices!

Ollie also does not have cat food plans, so if you have both dogs and cats you likely won’t want to use Ollie as your fresh pet food service.

If this is the case for you, we’d recommend going with NomNomNow, because they not only offer both dog and cat food plans, but they have a really nice multi-pet discount, so you’ll save some serious cash every week going with them!

How’s Ollie’s Customer Service?

The good thing about purchasing a premium service is that they often excel in the customer service department. Ollie will go above and beyond to keep you happy, and while issues are rare, any that do occur are dealt with quickly.

If you need help then they offer an extensive FAQ for your usage, and you can also quickly contact them via email, social media, or phone if there’s a problem with your order or if you just need help with anything.

my ollie dog food reviews
Everybody loves surprises! Photo credit: @maweb1977

Ollie also goes above and beyond to put a smile on the face of their patrons and their pooches, which often includes sending cute extras in the boxes, like the Ollie branded tennis ball this customer got in their box!

MyOllie’s Twitter feed is filled with videos of dogs cleaning their plates, and playing with the surprises featured in the boxes.

However, they’re also ready to help out if you don’t quite know what recipe to choose for your pup. Whether they have allergies, medical conditions, or even if they’re just picky eaters, Ollie’s support team is there for you, which is awesome.

So, what’s the verdict here?

In closing, My Ollie offers a great product to pet parents that are looking to upgrade their best friend from sub-par kibble to a real, human-grade fresh food offering.

This product is most cost-effective for pet parents who have one small to medium sized dog, and if this is you, then Ollie will likely offer you the best price for a fresh dog food.

However, if you have multiple dogs or cats as well, then NomNomNow will likely be the better option thanks to their multi-pet discount, but getting a quote from both companies can’t hurt.

my ollie dog food reviews
Ollie dog food offers high-quality meals at a great value.

Ollie does have excellent packaging, top-notch customer service, and recipes which are extremely friendly to dogs with allergies, thanks to their limited ingredient profile.

They also make all of the functions you need easy to access online, so there’s no need to waste your time on a phone call.

PS. Interested in giving My Ollie a try for your dog? Beanietoes readers can get 50% off their first My Ollie order by using this link! It’s a great way to try out a new food for a great price.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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