Top dog foods with no recalls

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Did your dog’s brand get recalled recently? If so, then you may be on the look out for a replacement! To help pet parents find great dog food brands that have never been recalled, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorites!

While having a recall doesn’t necessarily mean that a food is bad, there is, of course, the possibility that brands with no recalls have better quality control. So, we’ve decided to highlight excellent brands which are on top of their game.

We’ll also make sure to keep this list updated. If any of these brands ever do experience a recall we’ll remove them from the list. Interested in keeping up to date on pet food recalls?

Top dog foods with no recalls

#1 – NomNomNow

dog food brands with no recalls

Our number one dog food brand with no recalls is NomNomNow, and it’s really not surprise! This pet food company makes the best foods around, and they’re made fresh every week.

They don’t outsource to any other factories which may have lower food standards, and that’s good news for pet parents who are worried about pet food safety!

NomNomNow also offers some fabulously healthy canine meals, choosing to only use fresh and limited in ingredient diets. That makes their foods exceptional for pups with allergies or digestive issues, because they’re much easier on the body.

dog food that has never been recalled
The best of the best in canine nutrition – A+ all around for NomNomNow!

Above, you can see one of their great recipes. This is the Chicken Chow-Wow dish, and it uses only four main ingredients. There’s no fillers here, and their foods are also pretty low in carbohydrates. That’s good news for dogs who are diabetic and need to watch their weight!

Plus, since everything comes in pre-portioned packages it makes it much easier to manage the weight of a dog who is overweight. NomNomNow gives you exactly the right amount of food for your pooches.

If you’re interested in giving this great food a try, then you can get a discount on their trial order. Get 50% off to give NomNomNow a spin and cancel anytime if they don’t live up to your expectations, but we think you’ll agree that they’ve got something really special!

#2 – Applaws

Attractive and tasty food choice – good for picky eaters!

While fresh foods are the best, if that’s just not in your budget, then we do have another excellent pick! Applaws makes amazingly great foods, and Beanietoe’s own feline appraiser is quite taken with their cat food products.

When it comes to dog food, Applaws makes several great foods, including dry varieties, canned and supplemental foods. What’s similar about all of Applaw’s offerings is that they offer very simple ingredients, with some products having as few as four!

This makes them a great choice for pups with allergies. However, they also use some very appealing meat products, making them a favorite with picky eaters. You can get an assortment of flavors like tuna and shrimp, beef and veggies, and more.

It should however, be noted that these foods are not made in the USA. They are manufactured in Thailand, which actually has exceptional food standards for pet foods, but if you want a USA made food, this is not it. Click here to see reviews and flavor options.

#3 – Ziwi Peak

Super low carb option – great for overweight and diabetic dogs!

This New Zealand made pet food comes in a couple of variations. First, they have their freeze dried pet food products. These foods are composed almost entirely of meat, and if you’re interested in feeding your dog an exceptionally low carb diet, this is likely the way to go!

Their second option is their canned foods. These foods are 92% meat product, with the rest being made up of chickpeas and New Zealand Green Mussel, the latter of which is kind of like a pet super food.

New Zealand Green Mussels are packed full of great nutrients, and they act as an anti-inflammatory to help with join pains. Many pet parents actually supplement their pet’s diet with these to get the benefits, but with Ziwi Peak they’re mixed right in!

Ziwi Peak’s foods are free from common fillers, and they’re also free from grains, potatoes, wheat, sugar and soy. This food is an excellent choice for dogs who suffer from food allergies, or dogs who are diabetic and need a very low carbohydrate diet.

Interested in seeing what Ziwi Peak has to offer? You can read reviews from happy pet parents here.

PS. They also make some healthy and all-natural doggy treats and chews as well!

#4 – Farmina

A super healthy dry food option with 98% animal protein.

This lesser known pet food brand tends to fly under the radar, but it’s quite a good find. While it’s often easy to find canned foods that are free from junk ingredients and excess carbohydrates, it’s much tougher for dry foods.

However, Farmina manages to make both of their offerings exceptionally healthy for pups. Their kibble foods are 98% animal protein, and are full of healthy animal proteins and fats like chicken and boar.

While they don’t use any grains, this food does contain potatoes. That’s no problem for most dogs, but if your dog is sensitive to them then you should know about it.

The good news is that Farmina’s super simple ingredients and dedication to quality make this a super easy to digest food for dogs. It also clocks in at a pretty reasonable price for the quality, and that makes it a good middle ground food for those seeking quality without breaking the bank.

You can see the available flavors and learn more about this great product here.

#5 – Zignature

best dog foods with no recalls
Zignature is a lifesaver for dogs who are allergic to chicken – all flavors are chicken free!

Zignature has been producing high-quality dog foods since 2010, and they’ve never had a recall. Their focus has always been on providing quality foods for pets, and they continue to do so everyday.

Their foods are manufactured in the USA, but ingredients are sourced from a few different countries. This includes France, News Zealand and Australia.

They use high-quality meats like venison, salmon and duck, and the ingredient profile is very limited. They don’t use any common filler items, and their foods are both grain and potato free.

The only bad thing about Zignature is that they use meat meals, which have a little less nutritional value than whole meat but more protein. They’re aren’t necessarily bad, but whole meats are always better.

If you have a dog who is sensitive to chicken though, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Zignature’s foods, because all of them are chicken free! That makes them an exceptional choice for pet parents who may be struggling to find a food which doesn’t use chicken products for their poor, itchy pooch!

Interested in seeing the flavors and reading some pet parent reviews? Click here to see more about Zignature.

#6 – Earthborn Holistic

top dog foods with no recalls
Earthborn offers an affordable dog food free from junk and fillers.

Earthborn is recall free, and they offer some pretty good dog foods for an affordable price. However, they’re last on our list for a couple of reasons.

The first is that they rely pretty heavily on pea protein, which lessens the amount of meat proteins you’re getting. They also use only meat meals and no whole meats which are less nutritious than the other entries on our list.

However, they are still a pretty good option, particularly if you’re on a budget. Their foods are grain free, and they also have a wide variety of different flavors and food types.

The recipes are not very limited though, which could prove problematic for sensitive pets. Interested in learning more about Earthborn? You can do so here!

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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