Best dog food for French Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs are some of the sweetest and most entertaining dogs you’ll ever love. Unfortunately, they also have their share of serious health conditions. This includes them being prone to serious food related allergies and digestive issues.

If you happen to have a frenchie with these issues then finding a suitable food for them can be very frustrating. That’s why in this article, we’ll be talking about the best foods to feed French Bulldogs.

How to choose a good food for a Frenchie

Less is more when it comes to your Frenchie’s diet. For a dog which is so prone to allergies, like your loving little pup, a limited ingredient diet is definitely the way to go. Less ingredients means less triggers for skin allergies, and it makes it easier to figure out exactly what’s bothering them.

You’ll also want to go for ingredients which are easy to digest. This means avoiding grains and artificial ingredients and opting for choice meat cuts and easy to digest carbohydrates like sweet potato and pumpkin to cut down on gas and rumbly tummy problems!

Best dog foods for French Bulldogs

Here at Beanietoes we pride ourselves on making recommendations for only the best foods. All of our picks offer human grade ingredients, no fillers and maximum nutrition for your pup. There’s no junk here! Here’s what we recommend for French Bulldogs.

#1 – NomNomNow

Our number one pick is for NomNomNow. This awesome all-natural dog food company cooks up fresh meals for your pup every week and delivers them straight to your door! Offering your French Bulldog a fresh food option is not only the healthiest, but it also tackles many troublesome Frenchie problems.

best dog food available

Above you can see the ingredients for NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow-Wow recipe! Looks good enough to eat doesn’t it? That’s because NomNomNow uses only human grade ingredients that are super fresh. Fresh ingredients not only offer superior nutrition, but these recipes are also very limited in ingredients and super easy to digest.

This particular recipe features a single high-quality meat ingredient (chicken) and some highly digestible carbohydrates like sweet potatoes. These ingredients are great for sensitive digestive tracts, which is a common issue with Frenchies. If your pup frequently has an upset stomach after eating which results in vomiting or diarrhea, then this food could really help.

The limited nature of the ingredients also makes it easy to weed out any food allergies that could be making your Frenchie itchy! While this recipe will be great for most pups, if your dog has problems with chicken then they have plenty other recipes to choose from as well.

If you’re interested in feeding your Frenchie the very best, then this is it! Want to give NomNomNow a trial run? Click here to save 50% on your first order and see how much fresh food can improve your pet’s health.

Our top pick! Great for food allergies, picky eaters and sensitive tummies!

#2 – Wysong Archetype

Many people would love to offer their dogs the benefit of a raw diet but have been put off by the difficulty involved in creating such a diet. Creating meals for your dog yourself can be pretty intimidating, and if you get things wrong your dog’s health could suffer for it.

Fortunately, Wysong has created an excellent product which combines all the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of a dry food! This product is called Archetype, and it’s actually a thermal freeze dried product.

What this means is that it’s heated to kill bacteria, but it’s not heavily processed so as to remove nutrition like a kibble food is. These diets focus on high-quality proteins and offer a whole prey approach that uses organ meats for added nutrients.

The best part about Archetype though is just how limited the ingredients are. This food is over 95% meat, and is composed of just one protein type. That makes it excellent for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities that seem impossible to tame.

They also offer some “novel” proteins, or ones that aren’t commonly used in dog foods, if your pup has serious issues with beef or chicken. You can give rabbit, pollock or quail a try instead.

If you’re interested in trying out this food for your pup then you can get the best deal through the manufacturer. They also offer an additional 10% off if you sign up for their auto-ship program.

Great for dogs who are allergic to every protein imaginable.

#3 – Halo Dog Food

bladder stone dog food

Our last entry is an excellent food for pups who commonly have issues with diarrhea or gas. Halo has actually constructed their foods to be the most easily digestible, and they’ve even proved it in laboratory testing scenarios believe it or not!

It’s also our most affordable pick, and you can pick up Halo’s foods for a very attractive price. While canned foods aren’t quite as good as a fresh diet, they can offer some great nutrition for a surprising value.

The only problem with Halo’s food is that for dogs who are allergic to a lot of things you might want to go with one of our other picks. The reason being that Halo tends to mix meat products, and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t contain chicken or beef in some capacity.

However, they do have grain-free, gluten free, senior and other specialty diets available. You can also get up to 20% off this already affordable food if you have an Amazon Prime account and sign up for their auto-ship program, making this a great deal.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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