My Ollie dog food reviews – Is it the best fresh pet food service?

Ollie Dog Food

Price: Varies



Nutritional Value




Ship Time


Customer Support



  • High-Quality Meals
  • Easy Stack Storage Containers
  • First time order discount
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy Customization


  • More expensive than NomNomNow
  • No custom portion sizes
  • Containers take up a lot of fridge space
  • Only offers dog plans
  • No multi-pet discounts

In this article, we’ll be giving you our My Ollie dog food review! This fresh pet food delivery service has a lot to offer, but is it the best of the best when it comes to your dog’s health? What about their customization options and customer service? We’ll answer all of your questions and more in our review. Let’s get started!

Is Ollie’s Dog Food Worth the Price?

First up, let’s compare the price of this dog food. How does it stack up against popular competitor NomNomNow, and are you getting a better deal buying it? While the exactly price for your dog’s food will vary based on their weight, we can give you a ball park estimate that will allow you to compare the different services. Here’s some general price ranges that you can expect to pay for Ollie’s service.

15-pound dog: $28.82-$31.70/week or $4.11-$4.52/day
55-pound dog: $59.98-$65.98/week or $8.57-$9.42/day
95-pound dog: $96.04-$105.64/week or $13.72-$15.09/day

Let’s compare these to the price ranges of NomNomNow

15-pound dog: $32.89-$39.22/week or $4.70-$5.60/day
55-pound dog: $47.61-$66.09/week or $6.80-$9.44/day
95-pound dog: $63.93-$92.29/week or $9.13-$13.18/day

Based on this chart, we can see that for dogs under 55 pounds, the price for Ollie’s is actually a good deal cheaper than NomNomNow’s, but for dogs larger than that it seems that the price may not be as good.  However, there’s also another factor which you should take into account here. Ollie doesn’t offer any discounts.

In our NomNomNow review we actually found that it could end up being cheaper than Ollie’s on all counts if you take their multi-pet and bulk shipping discounts into consideration. You should really get a quote from both services to see which is the best plan for you and your dog.

Visual Comparison of NomNomNow vs Ollie’s Dog Food

NomNomNow vs Ollie comparison

How can you get the best deal on Ollie?

Unfortunately, Ollie doesn’t offer any cost saving discounts like NomNomNow does. However, they do have a pretty decent trial offer to test drive their foods. You can get up to two weeks of meals for this price, giving you the perfect test window for your pup. It’s generally advised to test out a food for 14 days before making your decision.

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PS. Looking to save a little money on Ollie? Choose the “Some Ollie” plan and feed Ollie’s healthy canine cuisine to your pup supplementally. You can continue to feed them their main food as a high-quality wet or dry offering, or even mix the healthier Ollie meals with it to save some cash! You can also get 50% off your first order with this link.

How does Ollie’s nutritional value stack up?

While Ollie doesn’t have an on staff vet nutritionist, they do have some great meals going for them. They offer a wide variety of different recipes, and their online order process even helps you to choose a food which is perfect for dogs that have allergies. Unfortunately, they don’t have medical conditions on their lists such as diabetes, this would be a great addition, and it’d go a long way in helping pet parents choose the right meals.

However, all of the recipes feature high-quality whole meat ingredients like turkey or chicken, and they also have some organ meats as well. While humans generally think organ meats are gross, they’re actually very healthy and dogs love them. Their recipes also feature highly digestible carbohydrates like pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The only thing we dislike about Ollie’s meals is that they don’t openly show the carbohydrate count like NomNomNow does.

The Packaging and Shipping

Many reviews on ollie dog food actually gloss over one of its nicest features, the packaging. Ollie’s food comes in an arguably better package than what competitor NomNomNow offers. They send their foods in some plastic containers which are easy to stack.

The downside of course is that they are bigger, so they take up more room than NomNomNow’s packaging. Both of these options have their merits, and it’s really up to you to decide which is best. You can see a comparison of the two below!

my ollie dog food reviews

As far as shipping goes, Ollie offers free shipping for their foods, and it’s fast! The only downside to their shipping is that they don’t allow you to choose a delivery date. You will however get several email notifications letting you know that your order has shipped and another one letting you know that it has arrived.

There is of course one more thing to note about Ollie’s packaging. The foods are not pre-portioned like NomNomNow. So, you will have to do a bit of measuring, unlike with NomNomNow’s option which you can just open up and pour into the bowl.

What kinds of customization and options do they allow?

Ollie has a slight edge over NomNomNow in this department, because they allow for a little more customization using their website, saving you from having to make a phone call. You can use their profile to choose the perfect meal plan for your dog based on the allergies, activity levels, weight, breed and preferences. They also allow you to pick from a full plan and a supplementary plan where only some of your dog’s meals are provided by Ollie! This is an effective method for cutting costs if you need to save money.

The bad news for Ollie is that their on-boarding process just seems clunkier than their competitors. It’s also a little more annoying to manage meal plans for multiple dogs, and you need to go to the check out screen to see the total price! It’d be nice if they made it easier to make adjustments for multiple pets.

Ollie also does not have cat food plans, so if you have both dogs and cats you likely won’t want to use them. If you need a fresh pet food company that allows you to have a multi-pet plan for dogs and cats, then NomNomNow is the best choice, and you’ll get a multi-pet discount!

How’s Ollie’s Customer Service?

The good thing about purchasing a premium service is that they often excel in the customer service department. Ollie will go above and beyond to keep you happy, and while issues are rare, any that do occur are dealt with quickly. If you need help then they offer an extensive FAQ for your usage, and you can also quickly contact them via email or phone if there’s a problem with your order or if you just need help with anything.

So, what’s the verdict here?

reviews on ollie dog food

Ollie has a decent offering, though in most cases NomNomNow will be cheaper. Their customer service is attentive and dedicated to making sure that you have a good experience. They make it easy to perform all of the functions you need online so there’s no need to waste your time with customer service phone calls either.

Both services offer great choices for dog owners, and you’ll likely want to get quotes from both to see which is best for your situation. If you have just one small to medium sized dog then Ollie could end up being the better value, but if you have multiple dogs or you also own a cat then NomNomNow will offer you the best options, including multi-pet discounts.