Nom nom now dog food review

Nom Nom Now dog food review (Is it better than Ollie?)


Price: Varies



Nutritional Value




Ship Time


Customer Support



  • Many Customizable Options
  • Multi-Pet Discount
  • Always Fresh, Never Frozen
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Prepared by Vet Nutritionalist


  • Can't customize via website (Phone only)
  • Packages aren't always flat, more difficult to store
  • Can't choose your delivery date

In today’s article, we’ll be doing our Nom Nom Now dog food review! We’ll also do a NomNomNow vs Ollie comparison to decide whether NomNomNow is really the best fresh dog food around! We’ll talk about ingredients, prices and the overall experience with this fresh pet food provider. Let’s get started.

Is NomNomNow worth the Price?

NomNomNow is a premium service, and fresh foods are always more expensive. However, compared to other options, they do come in at a good price. Here’s some sample prices and a comparison to Ollie’s prices.

(However, not everything is as it seems. Keep reading to see how you might actually save even more with NomNomNow!)

15-pound dog: $32.89-$39.22/week or $4.70-$5.60/day
55-pound dog: $47.61-$66.09/week or $6.80-$9.44/day
95-pound dog: $63.93-$92.29/week or $9.13-$13.18/day

Let’s compare these prices to Ollie’s price range.

15-pound dog: $28.82-$31.70/week or $4.11-$4.52/day
55-pound dog: $59.98-$65.98/week or $8.57-$9.42/day
95-pound dog: $96.04-$105.64/week or $13.72-$15.09/day

It looks like that for small dogs, NomNomNow could end up being a bit more expensive, but they are cheaper by a wide margin for large dogs! However, not only do NomNomNow’s foods look better, most dogs seem to prefer them. You can see an image comparing them below to decide for yourself which is better.

(NomNomNow also offers a multi-pet discount for their foods which Ollie does not.)

NomNomNow vs Ollie comparison

How to get the best deal on NomNomNow’s food

If you need some help in cutting the costs on your NomNomNow meal plans, then choose a bigger order! If you don’t mind freezing some of your dishes, then you can save around 22% per month over using the weekly option!

It obviously costs NomNomNow more money to ship weekly orders, and so they pass the savings on to you if you buy more at once. Plus, by using the 4 week shipment, the costs for NomNomNow’s small dog offerings drops to around $21.45 per week vs Ollie’s $28-$30 per week, a significant savings.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose every 4 weeks shipments for multiple dogs. You’re limited to two weeks shipments.

However, the two week multi-pet seems to end up being about the same cost as the four week single pet, so things even out there, and if you have more than one dog you can get the same discount with fresher food since you won’t have to freeze it as long to get the bulk savings.

How does NomNomNow’s nutritional value stack up?

NomNomNow has one big advantage over other fresh pet food delivery companies. They have a veterinarian on staff who helps to compose all of their recipes. Dr. Justin Shmalberg is a veterinary nutrition expert, and NomNomNow gives you the confidence that someone who truly knows what they’re doing is creating your dog’s diet.

While it’s totally possible to cook for your dog or cat yourself, there is one issue that should give you pause. It’s actually pretty hard to create a well balanced diet for an animal if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In fact, cooking for your pet yourself could mean that you’re actually not feeding them proper nutrition if you’re not adding additional nutrients like most pet food companies do. The worst part of course is that you might not even know until your pet is already experiencing serious issues.

That’s why it’s a huge relief to know that NomNomNow has a vet nutritionist on staff to formulate their meals. There’s no worries whether your pup or kitty will be getting adequate nutrition here.

The foods created by this company features high-quality whole meats and organs, and they are very easy to digest. All of their dishes look so good that they look like people could even eat them! NomNomNow also seems to have a slightly higher protein rating than Ollie’s foods do.

They also openly tell you the protein, fat and carbohydrate ratios of all their recipes so you can choose one that fits your dog better. Ollie seems to be lacking on this information, and we don’t really like that they don’t openly tell you the carbohydrate ratings on the recipes pages!

This is an important part of nutrition, particularly if you have a dog who is for example diabetic and you need to watch their carbohydrate intake. Not listing this information is a big no no in our book.

NomNomNow wins in this category for their superior transparency about nutrition.

The packaging and shipping

NomNomNow comes packaged in plastic baggies that are flattened. Unfortunately, they are not always uniform, and this can sometimes make it difficult to stack them. However, they do take up less room than Ollie’s packaging.

Ollie’s food comes in a sort of tupperware container, and while these do stack nicer, they also take up a lot more room in your fridge and freezer. They’re recyclable and keep everything very neat, which is nice.

On the shipping front, both of these options seem about equal. They offer fast and free shipping, and they both package their deliveries adequately so that the contents arrive safely.

Both also send emails to remind you when your food will ship and when it arrives, however it doesn’t seem that NomNomNow or Ollie allows you to pick the delivery date unfortunately. In the NomNomNow vs Ollie debate, they’re equal on shipping, but Ollie may have a slight lead on packaging.

However, NomNomNow’s foods are pre-portioned. This means that you can just dump them into your dog’s bowl without worrying about whether you’re feeding them the correct amount. Ollie’s packages require you to scoop and measure out the food yourself, which isn’t as convenient.

Plus, if your pooch is a bit on the heavy side, then it’s probably better to have their food pre-measured so they can drop some weight. Humans are notoriously bad at knowing how much to actually feed their pets, and NomNomNow’s portioned packaging removes this issue completely.

What about the customization and options?

One of the best things about fresh food diets in general is that they allow for a wide degree of customization. Both providers seem to be on even ground here.

They each will allow you to create custom meal plans that include different delivery times and whether or not you want to feed only part of your dog’s diet as fresh. (This is a cost saving measure for those who’d like to feed fresh but can’t afford to do it all the time.)

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to use these customization options for NomNomNow. For many customizations you have to actually call and ask for them which is annoying.

Ollie allows you to do some customizing online, and their online profile creator allows you to choose “some Ollie meals” or “all Ollie meals.” It’d be nice if NomNomNow allowed for more customization without wasting time on the phone.

NomNomNow is more convenient for multiple dogs though, because their system allows you to create meal plans for all your pets at once! This allows you to manage everything in one go and to see the total cost for all your dogs or cats.

They also ask you less questions than Ollie, and the on-boarding process just seems smoother. While Ollie does have a multi-dog plan the whole thing is very cumbersome, and it’s hard to see exactly how much you’ll be charged total.

What about the customer service?

NomNomNow really shines in the customer service department. Not only do they have a nutritionist who can help you plan the perfect meal for your dog, but they also offer support every step of the way. This includes messaging you after the fact to see if your delivery went okay or if you have any problems.

They also offer a generous multi-pet discount to bring down the cost for pet parents with multiple fur babies, and they provide you some cool extras too.

First orders generally get a 20% discount, and they frequently ship other freebies including treats and full size samples of the other foods that you didn’t order so your dog can try them! They also make it easy to pause, change or cancel your order at any time with no hoops to jump through.

How does it stack up to Ollie? Based on many customer reports, it seems both companies go out of their way to please their customers. Any issues are quickly resolved and both NomNomNow and Ollie will take the time to help you choose the perfect meal plan for your dog.

So, who’s the winner here?


They offer a great number of options and freebies, and overall, their options are more affordable. Plus, this also offer food for cats, which Ollie does not. If you have multiple pets, you can also cash in on their valuable multi-pet discount for all of your fur babies, and their foods are slightly better than Ollie’s offering.

Best for multi-pet households and cat owners!

When should you choose Ollie vs NomNomNow? If you have a single small breed dog, then it may be cheaper for you to go with Ollie. They do also have a better packaging solution which some pet parents may prefer.

If you’d prefer stack-able containers for neatness in your fridge or freezer and you don’t mind measuring out your dog’s food, then you might go with this option. They also offer a more generous discount on first time orders if you’re not sure about the whole fresh dog food thing yet.

Best for owners of a single small to medium sized dog