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“Which pet insurance covers dental”?

Interested to know which pet insurance covers dental? It’s a valid question, pet dental emergencies can end up being very costly and many pet parents don’t even think about them. Dogs aren’t exactly careful when they are chewing, and it’s possible for them to break their teeth. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be tough to find a pet insurance plan that covers these accidents and the routine cleanings that your dog or cat needs in order to keep their chompers healthy.

However, we do have one excellent pick for you. This high-quality pet insurance provider offers comprehensive insurance plans that cover both dental accidents and illnesses and routine cleaning procedures! They’re called Embrace, and you should really check them out if you need dental coverage on your pet’s insurance plan.

Embrace Pet Insurance Review – Dental Coverage

pet insurance that offers dental plans

Embrace offers some of the better options when it comes to dental, but you should make sure you know exactly what type of coverage you want before proceeding, because they have more than one option for it. Let’s cover those so you know exactly what you’re getting with this insurance provider.

Dental Illness

Which pet insurance covers dental accidents and illness? A dental illness would be some type of emergency which requires immediate dental surgery for your pet. This could include an abstraction for an infected tooth or any other dental problems that your vet deems necessary. You should keep in mind that in most cases pet insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. This means dental problems that don’t really impact your dog’s health. There’s nothing really wrong with them missing a tooth as long as there’s no infection or danger present of course.

For simplicity, Embrace offers one accident and illness plan. Dental traumas as illustrated above are covered under this plan for your pet. This plan however does not cover any routine procedures. This would include things like yearly teeth cleanings and maintenance procedures.

Wellness Rewards Plan

Which pet insurance covers dental cleanings? Embrace also offers an optional add on plan. This one is for routine care, but you don’t have to purchase it to get the accident and illness coverage. What this add on does is it reimburses you for routine veterinary care such as teeth cleanings, grooming, microchipping, flea and tick medications, vaccinations and almost everything else you would be paying for out of pocket at the vet that does not come from an accident or illness. The plan honestly covers a ton of things, and it’s probably worth having considering the cost of having all of these things done every year.

How much does it cost to get dental insurance for a dog?

Embrace offers one of the most comprehensive plans available, meaning they cover nearly everything you’d ever need done. If you have a high-risk breed and you’re worried about expensive health problems, then this is likely one of the best options for you. However, their plans are a little more expensive than some other pet insurance options, but, you should realize that cheaper pet insurance plans often offer little to no dental coverage at all. We’ve created this mock quote for you using Embrace’s online quote tool so you can get an idea of the cost, but the final number will depend on other things specific to you such as your location and your dog’s breed. Veterinary care is more expensive in some areas, and that will impact your costs for better or worse.

dog dental insurance quotes

Our quote was made for a mixed breed dog who is 5 years old, and we opted for the main insurance plan and the optional wellness plan. If you decided to not take the wellness plan, then you’d save $18.95 per month by taking only the accident and illness plan. This means that all dental emergency procedures would still be covered, but you’d need to pay out of pocket for yearly cleanings and routine vet visit stuff.

Does Embrace offer any discounts?

If you need some help with your pet insurance bills, then you’ll be happy to know that Embrace does offer some discounts for pet parents. Right off the bat, if your pet is spayed or neutered you’ll get a 5% reduction in your policy premium. This is because pets who are spayed or neutered generally are in better health than those that aren’t. If you don’t file a claim for the year, then your deductible will also be reduced by $50 every year. This could come in handy when you do need to finally file a claim! They also offer a multi-pet discount, so if you are insuring more than one animal you’ll get an additional 10% off on your premiums. They also have some discounts that are specific to certain states for whatever reason, so here’s the whole list so you don’t miss anything!

  • Spay or neutered pets discount 5% off (CA, NY, and RI)
  • Multi-pet discount 5-10% off (Depending on state)
  • No claims for the year – $50 reduction in deductible amount
  • Military discount 5% off
  • ACH discount when paying with bank over credit card (NY,CA and WA)
  • Annual pay discount 5% (CA,NY,RI and WA)
  • PENN HIP test discount 5% (CA, NY, RI and WA)

What impacts the cost of my pet’s insurance?

dog insurance cost

The price of your insurance is dependent on several factors that are largely out of your control unfortunately.

  • Your pet’s species and breed

Cats are cheaper to insure by far than dogs. They just don’t go to the vet as much and if you own a cat then you’ll be happy to see a much smaller number on your quote. The price of a dog’s insurance policy is heavily dependent on their breed. Many breeds of dogs are prone to serious health issues, and if you own a dog of this type then you’ll be paying a lot for insurance. On the other hand, if your dog does suffer from a serious breed related health problem, then your insurance policy will save you a fortune on vet bills.

  • Your dog’s age

The older a pet is the more expensive they are to insure. In fact, many pet insurance providers will not accept dogs over a certain age. Embrace’s cut off is 14 years for pets, however if your dog already has a policy, then they will not be dropped from their coverage if they live to be older than 14.

  • Your physical location

If you’re in an area with a higher standard of living, then it’s likely you’ll pay more for your insurance policy. Your veterinarian will be charging more for their services to offset their own costs, and the insurance company will be expecting this. While most people aren’t willing to move to save money on insurance, it is an option, and it would likely save you money on every insurance policy you have, no just your dog’s.

  • Your level of coverage

One of the few items which you can do something about, your level of coverage will determine your monthly bills. Most plans offer some adjustments you can make based on coverage levels, out of pocket expenses and yearly allowances. If you’re comfortable reducing these, then you can save a significant amount on your policy.

How much can pet insurance save you?

A dental emergency could cost you hundreds of dollars out of pocket alone. That’s not including the high cost of the many other ailments which could happen to your pup, especially as they get older and the risk of costly illnesses like cancer, tumors, bladder stones and hip problems increases. Embrace not only includes great dental coverage, but they’ll also protect you from other illnesses and accidents like these ones from other pet parents who needed to make claims on their policies for their pets.

Not to mention the fact that good dental health is important for dogs as they age. Dogs with poor dental care can have horrible mouth pain, bad breath, tooth loss, and even stop eating due to the pain.

pet insurance coverage dental

Interested in seeing what your monthly cost would be to insure your dog or cat with Embrace? You can get a free quote here and see more details on their coverage. They do a good job in helping pet parents understand exactly what is and isn’t covered so there’s no surprises, and they offer some of the most comprehensive coverage around.

What can I do if I have a senior dog or cat over 14 years old?

best dog insurance


  • Affordable choice
  • Covers pets of all ages


  • Coverage not as comprehensive as Embrace
  • No discounts like with Embrace

This is a tougher one. Insurance for senior dogs and cats is hard to get, and it may be tough to get a dental plan for them. Petpremium is our second choice, because while their coverage is good, they don’t give much detail about what they will cover, just that they won’t cover any cosmetic procedures. However, they do take dogs of any age! If you have a senior dog that you need to insure, then this is your best bet for getting a policy for them. Their plans are also more affordable than Embrace, but their coverage is not nearly as complete, so there is a trade off there. Pet premium offers an excellent level of service though and more customization options, so it’s worth checking out what they have to offer, especially for those with senior pets who won’t be able to get a policy through many other providers. You can get a free quote from pet premium by clicking here.

Should you get dental insurance for your dog?

Dental is one of those areas that impacts both older and younger dogs. Younger dogs are probably just as likely to break a tooth as an older pup, and this is especially true if they are a heavy chewer! Ever seen your dog gnawing on something he shouldn’t like wood or even metal?

A good dental plan might be in your future. It’s a good idea to get one before fido breaks a tooth, because the cost to get doggy dental work could be pretty large.

However, a good dental plan usually also accommodates you on regular cleanings which keep your dog’s chompers healthy, and it also helps to give them better breath! Most bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth and gums. Regular cleanings keep this from happening and that means when your dog tries to “kiss” you, you won’t fall over from the smell.

Michelle Rei
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