The Big List of Doggie Gifts!

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Need the perfect gift for man and man’s best friend? Beanie toes has you covered in our “Big List of Doggie Gifts!”. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best presents for dog lovers and their pooches no matter what the Occasion. This article has been broken down into separate lists – one for dogs and one for dog owners!

dog treat gift ideas

Dog Xmas Gift Ideas and Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

Woof! There’s no reason that your furry family members should get left out on Christmas! Doggies appreciate gifts too, and in this list we’ve curated some fun and tasty gifts that you can pick up to share the holiday love with your doggy children. These would also make appreciated gifts for the dog lovers in your life if you can’t think of anything they need. Dog owners love spoiling their pups, and they’ll appreciate the gesture of you getting a gift for them to their furry children!

A Doggie Gift Box From The Dapper Dog!

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Looking for dog xmas gift ideas that’ll make your dog jump for joy? Or, perhaps you need xmas gifts for dog owners who literally have everything. Then this could be the perfect solution. While your boss or your relatives may not seem to need anything themselves, they’ll be over joyed that you took the time to get a gift for their beloved pup. Or, if you’re shopping for your own dog, then imagine how happy they’ll be to break into a gift box full of toys and treats while everyone opens up their Christmas presents!

The Dapper Dog has doggie gifts for all occasions. You can purchase a one off box or even go for a subscription if you want to deliver multiple months of fun to your favorite dogs and their humans. Every box comes with 2 toys, 2 treats, and a super cute themed bandana for your pup to wear. You can click here to learn more about these cute gift box for dogs.

An Orthopedic Dog Bed!

gifts for your dog

Give your dog the gift of comfort this holiday season by purchasing them a therapeutic dog bed. Having a dog bed is an important part of health for your pup. Sleeping on a high quality bed allows them to get relief for their bones and joints. This is particularly important for large breed and older dogs who can suffer from arthritis and hip problems.

Big Barker makes the best of the best when it comes to full supportive dog beds. Get your pup something awesome and functional that will improve his quality of life every day of the year. Lounging by the fire on the perfect comfy bed that your human got for you? A dog’s life couldn’t get any better! While Big Barker specializes in beds for big dogs who need extra support, they also have the Barker Junior for pups under 50 pounds. (We’ve also written up an entire article to help pet parents in purchasing a dog beds for big dogs if you’re interested!)

Raw Paws Holiday Gift Box!

small dog gift ideas

Give your pup a box full of all natural and tasty treats this year with raw paws! They have boxes for dogs and puppies of all sizes, and the boxes include only healthy treats like bully sticks and grain-free dog biscuits. These treats come in flavors that dogs can resist like peanut butter and bacon and cheddar. Any pooch will love this tasty assortment, and everything comes wrapped up in a cute little gift box for you to put under the tree. These boxes are available on Amazon, click here to check them out!

Matching Pup and Human Holiday Sweaters!

novelty gifts for dog owners

Don’t let your dog be left out of your family photos for Christmas. Blueberry pets has some adorable matching dog and human ugly Christmas sweaters. Perfect if you need gifts for dog owners and their dogs. These cute holiday sweaters come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns, and you can get pretty much all of them with a matching dog sweater! You’ll need to measure your dog, or at least get an approximation of the size of the dog you’re gifting it to for sizing, but most dogs, even large ones, should be accommodated here. Click here to see one of the dog sweaters, and click here for the matching human sweater! Great for taking Christmas card photos or keeping your dog toasty warm.

Interactive Puzzle Toys For Dogs!

gift ideas for dog lovers canada

Looking for an affordable surprise for your hyper pup? Then make sure to have a look at Outward Hound’s interactive dog puzzle toys! These toys are designed to help keep pups from getting bored, and they feature different levels of puzzle. Some are just stuffed toys with smaller toys that dogs have to figure out how to get out, but they also have puzzles they can solve for treat rewards. If you have a dog who becomes mischievous when left alone, then this could be a good gift that can keep them out of trouble and stimulate their brain. These would also make great Christmas gifts for new dog owners who have young puppies that need something to do. Outward Hound also has some cute holiday themed toys as you can see above. Click here to check out their Gingerbread house puzzle toy!


gifts for dog owners and their dogs

Pet Lovers Christmas Gift Ideas (For the Humans!)

Alright doggy fans! It’s on to list number two. This list is for the humans in your life that just can’t get enough of dogs. In this list we’ve compiled some of the coolest novelty gifts for dog owners and useful stuff for their pups that any dog owner would be happy to get. None of these suggestions follow any particular themes either, so while these are great for Christmas gifts, this list can also help you out with other holidays as well like father’s day, mother’s day or even birthdays for your favorite doggy fans. From the niche and unique to the useful everyday goods, it’s all here.

Custom Doggy Pop Up Art!

novelty gifts for dog owners

Looking for super custom novelty gifts for dog owners you know? Or some pet photo gift ideas for somebody who really loves their pooch? Look no further, because Pop Your Pup is the place to be. This awesome company goes above and beyond novelty dog tees! They have real in-house artists who create custom art from your pet’s photo. You can then have that image printed on a variety of different products of your choosing like shirts, pillows, phone cases, wall art, blankets and more.

Pop Your Pup also offers unlimited revisions, and they’ll work until you’re happy with the finished result. This allows them to produce some extremely high quality work as you can see in the image above. They also have quick turn around times, and they can create your puppy pop art in just one or two business days. Now that’s fast service! Interested in seeing more of what this cool company has to offer? Click here to check out their process and samples.

A Doggy DNA Test From Embark!

xmas presents for dog lovers

Looking for something really unique for a dog owner with a lovable mutt? This unique gift will reveal the DNA of your recipient’s pooch. The test comes with a cheek swap that you use to collect the dog’s DNA, and then you send it back to Embark’s lab. They return the results of the test to you with a thorough evaluation of the dog’s breed, ancestry, health and more. It’s a gift idea for the dog lover who has everything, and we bet that nobody else is going to put this in their stocking come Christmas time.

Besides just revealing some interesting information about your dog, Embark’s DNA tests also have a very practical application. Many dog breeds are actually prone to certain health conditions, and knowing about your dog’s breed specifics and ancestry can help you to better care for them. The test can also tell you if your dog is at risk for certain health conditions that you may need to be aware of. They also have a “canine relative finder”, and if anybody else has submitted a test for a dog related to yours you can find out, which is pretty neat. Click here to learn more about this awesome and unique gift idea for dog lovers.

POD Dog GPS Tracker

christmas gifts for new dog owners

If you’ve ever experienced the heart ache of losing a pet, then you’ll know what this would make an excellent gift for any dog lover. This excellent gift gives dog owners the peaces of mind of knowing where their pup is at all times. If they get lost or wander off, then dog owners can quickly open the application in their phone, and the pod tracker will triangulate the dog’s position using WiFi and cell phone towers.

You can set safe zones such as your backyard, and if your pet wanders outside of those safe zones you’ll get an immediate alert sent to your phone, and it works in over 175 countries if your gift recipient travels with their dog often.  You can also use it to monitor your dog’s movement, and it doubles as a fitness app for dogs so you can see how much exercise your pup is getting throughout the day. The device’s ability to record your adventures with your pup also makes this an excellent dog walking gift for her or him! Click here to check out this cool gift for active dog owners.

Furbo Dog Camera

gifts for dog owners canada

For many dog lovers the ideal life would be staying at home with your dog all day. Unfortunately, most people have to work, but what if you could take your dog with you? This cool camera and phone application will let you do just that. The Furbo Dog Camera is a pet camera which allows you to monitor your dog’s activity while your away to keep them out of mischief. It does more than that though, because you can also interact with your dog with it! The device includes a microphone so you can talk to your dog and keep each other company while you’re away.

Furbo sends you phone alerts if your dog starts barking the application will notify you. You can then use the two way communication capabilities to talk to your pup and calm them down if they are an anxiety sufferer. Or, you can just spend some time talking to your pup and using the built in treat launcher to feed him some goodies while you’re at work. Need father’s day or mother’s day gifts for dog owners? This pick will put a smile on the face of anyone who wishes they could spend more time with their pup. Click here to check it out.

All Over Print Doggy Leggings!

dog gifts for her

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for dog moms? This might be a good place to start. Get your favorite dog mommies some comfortable leggings with a print of their favorite pups on them to lounge around in on Christmas day! We’ve presented a small sample of the available designs above, but there’s way more where that came from! Redbubble is a site where independent artists sell their designs on printed goods, and that means that there’s a design for pretty much any dog breed imaginable.

The leggings are made of polyester, and they comes in sizes XXS to XL. These designs feature an all over print of cute dog breeds. If you’d like to see the designs we’ve featured above, then you can see them at these links: Dachshunds and Wine Leggings. Christmas Welsh Corgi Leggings. English Bulldog Leggings.

Matching Friendship Dog Collar and Bracelet!

xmas presents for dog lovers

Looking for a gift for a pet parent and pooch who are inseparable? How about a super cute matching collar and bracelet set? Dog moms everywhere will jump for joy when they unwrap this cute gift for them and their fur baby. These sets come in a wide variety of colors and styles so there’s something for everyone, and they have options to fit dogs of every size. You can check out these super cute gift sets here.

The Pooch Selfie Phone Attachment

gifts for your dog walker

Know anybody who takes way too many selfies with their dog? The hilariously simple Pooch Selfie attachment for phones makes sure that your pup’s attention stays right where the camera is. It’s a cute and inexpensive novelty gift that would be great for a stocking stuffer or maybe a funny gift idea for your dog walker. You can pick up this cute gift for pups and their selfie loving humans on Amazon.

novelty dog walking gifts

Novelty dog gifts and shirts are always crowd pleasers for pet fans. They’re affordable and easy to gift. Redbubble has an endless number of designs to choose from. Independent artists design these super cute pup tees, and they’ve got designs for nearly every breed, every type of dog person and they come on a variety of different products if you’re afraid of buying something that could be the wrong size! The above designs are available on a number of other products too like phone cases, wall art, mugs, notebooks, tote bags and more. While there are tons of designs available, here the links for the products above if you’re keen on those!

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