best dog food for bladder stones

How to find the best dog food for bladder stones

Finding the best dog food for bladder stones is important if your dog has this ailment. Bladder stones are a serious health condition that impacts many pet parents and their dogs. This condition is most often caused by feeding lower quality foods. Unfortunately, many pet parents are not even aware of the importance of hydration for their pets and may be neglecting this area by accident. This is of course made worse by the pet industry who are not very upfront about many of their products. However, by making some changes to your dog’s diet you can both get rid of existing stones and help to prevent new occurrences.

In today’s article we’ll be going over the cause of this ailment and what you can do to make sure that your dog’s bladder stone issue is no longer a problem. We’ll make some recommendations for new foods you can try and even some ideas to help your dog with staying hydrated.

What causes bladder stones in dogs?

The cause of bladder stones or struvite crystals is usually a combination of things which impact the PH levels in the animal’s urine and also potentially bacterial infections. However these are the symptoms of a larger problem regarding your dog’s health. This PH balance is often caused by things such as dehydration and improper diet. As a pet parent, making sure your dog is drinking enough water and offering them a higher quality food can help to combat these problems, and it can also improve their overall health.

One of the biggest problems for pets are dry food diets. While these diets are very convenient for humans since they last a long time and are generally cheap, they aren’t the best for dogs. In many cases animals actually get a good deal of their liquids through eating, and a dry food only diet can leave them very dehydrated, causing potential health issues like bladder stones or crystals. An easy way to almost instantly begin improving your dog’s health is to offer them a fresh or wet food.

While this is easy enough for smaller dogs, sometimes the cost of wet food can be a great expense for larger breed dogs. If you can’t afford to feed your dog a wet or fresh food diet all the time, then you should at least consider offering them a portion of their diet this way. You could mix it with a dry food to make it last longer or perhaps offer them a wet food meal in the morning and a dry food meal at night. This added moisture will be quite beneficial to your dog. Adding as much moisture as possible is key when creating a dog bladder stones diet for your pup.

Why you should be feeding your dog a wet food diet

Many pet parents feed their dogs dry food believing that it is the healthy choice for their pet. Unfortunately, dry foods can often cause many issues which may not become apparent until years later. This leads to costly veterinary procedures and pain for your dog which could have easily been avoided with a different diet.

A large number of both dogs and cats actually suffer from dehydration. This is because animals get a large percentage of their liquids from eating and not drinking. Unfortunately, they do not always make this up by drinking more water if they are eating a dry food diet. This leads them to being dehydrated which causes many healthy problems for them, including struvite crystals and bladders stones which can cause dangerous, life threatening blockages.

Feeding your pet a wet food diet is the easiest way to get more fluids in them, but it’s unfortunately not always very affordable. This is especially true for owners of large breed dogs who can require a substantial amount of calories to thrive. If you are struggling with costs but would like to upgrade the quality of your dog’s meals to help them, then at least consider feeding them part of their diet in a wet food. You can easily mix a canned food and dry food together to make it go farther. This will allow you to upgrade the quality of your dog’s food without them eating you out of house and home. If cost is an issue for you. While dry foods are not the best food for dogs with bladder stones, there are ways that you can improve their health even if you can’t afford to feed them an optimal diet.

Best dog food for bladder stones list

Now that we know what causes these issues for dogs we can start looking for a good food. Pet parents should try to keep in mind that while we have tried to make the best picks that we can animals are individuals just like people. There may be cases where your dog simply doesn’t like or doesn’t respond well to a particular food and you may need to try another solution. Fortunately, you should know be armed with the proper knowledge to find that solution since you now know what kind of food they need.

All of our picks use only high-quality ingredients, are low in carbohydrates, do not use empty calorie foods like corn or wheat and provide exceptional moisture content for your dog. We’ve chosen a variety of products in different price ranges to help you choose something that’s right for your dog. We realize that pet parents have different budgets, and have tried to make our recommendations accordingly.

#1 – NomNomNow

what brand chow is best for dogs with bladder stones

Without a doubt, the best possible food for any dog is a fresh food diet. You simply can’t beat the nutritional benefits, and these diets are often the most digestible. NomNomNow is a fresh pet food delivery service which sends meals to your house every week. They use only human grade ingredients and everything is made fresh. The ingredients are also super limited, and this is great for sensitive animals with allergies or food sensititives. If you’ve noticed that your dog has loose stools, constant itchiness, skin irritations or problems with vomiting, then this will likely benefit them. These problems are unfortunately also typical symptoms of low quality kibble foods, and a upgrade will improve your dog’s health in the future.

Below you can see the ingredients for the Chicken Chow-Wow diet. As you can see it has only four main ingredients. There are no empty calories here like with traditional commercial dog foods, and everything is balanced to give your dog an excellent and easy to digest diet. Everthing is cooked fresh every week. It’s the best dog food for bladder stones that you can buy.

best dog food available

Every recipe they provide will give you a complete nutritional break down. This makes it super easy for you to avoid any recipes which might be problematic for your dog if they have allergies or food sensitivies to anything you know of. If your pup is a bit over weight, then you’ll also be happy to know that everything is perfectly portioned, allowing you to easily correct their weight problems. Many pets are actually obese, and this can lead to many other health issues down the road.

If you need any help with choosing the right diet the company actually offers free consultation from one of their expert dieticians. For those pet parents who are looking to feed their dog the absolute best possible diet, then this is it. If you’re interested in feeding your fur baby little a doggy king or queen, then you can learn more here.

#2 – Halo Dog Food

bladder stone dog food

This excellent pet food company uses only human grade, whole food ingredients to create their recipes. If you’re looking for a more affordable canned option that is of superior quality, then this is a great choice. These foods are also very easy to digest, making them a great choice for pups with common upset stomach issues or older dogs for whom digestion may be a chore these days. Halo’s foods are a good mix between quality and affordability, and pet parents on a budget will likely get the most bang for their buck here. This is the best dog food for bladder stones if you’re on a budget.

Their canned diets are also very palatable, helping to coax dogs with poor appetites to eat. A common problem for many older dogs or dogs who may be ill. It should be noted though that most of the canned diets for this brand that are targeted to dogs do not seem to be grain free for whatever reason. All of them contain oats, which is not bad per say, but if you want to feed your dog an exclusively grain free diet, then this is a no go.

If you have no problem with a little grain, then this is an excellent product though. They also sell a very nice kibble food, and if you need to feed your dog a mixture for cost reasons, then this is a great brand to do it with. The flavors compliment each other, and it won’t give your dog any digestion problems to mix and match the flavors either. Learn more about this great and affordable dog food on Amazon.

#3 – Wysong Archetype

digestible cat food

This excellent product is actually a raw food diet. If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits of a raw diet for your dog but did not have the time or knowledge to create such a diet for them yourself, then this is an excellent way to do it. Wysong allows for you to get the benefits of a raw diet for your dog with the convienence of a dry food. While not many people are aware of the Wysong brand, they’ve actually been around since the 70’s, and they’ve been working for decades to formulate high-quality foods for pets that go above and beyond what big box stores and even pet stores offer.

Archetype is a dehydrated meal for your pup that is 95% real meat. There are no fillers or other undesirable items here, which is great for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. While you can feed this food dry, it would be much better to rehydrate it with water first, especially for a dog with bladder stones or struvite crystals. This will essentially turn it into a wet food, giving them both the raw diet benefits and the wet food benefits. If you’d like to reduce the cost of feeding your dog a raw food diet like this one, then Wysong also has a number of kibble foods which you can mix with it to reduce costs.

While this food is excellent for most dogs, it should be noted that dogs who are ill would likely be better off eating a fresh food diet such as NomNomNow. The reason being that even with good safety practices, there is always some risk of food-borne illness. For healthy dogs this is no problem, but for a dog who is battling something that impacts their immune system, such as cancer, this could present a real health risk for them. For sick pups, a cooked diet like the one linked above or a high-quality canned food will likely be the better choice. If your dog is otherwise healthy, then this is a great option though. You can learn more about this great raw food for your dog and see the full ingredients list here.

How can I add more liquids to my dog’s existing diet?

In some cases it can be incredibly difficult to get some dogs to eat other products. Even if it’s for their health, the best food is the food they will actually eat. This is especially true for dogs who are sick or already frail and can’t afford to lose more weight. If you’re unsure about changing their diet entirely, but you think they need more liquids, then you could try a supplemental food.

Wysong also makes a product called Epigen. This is a canned food supplement that is meant to be added to either their Archetype raw food diets or a kibble. This food is made almost entirely of protein, which is why it’s not meant to be fed alone, as it is not nutritionally balanced. It is however a very good way to add more liquids and a single protein source to your pup’s food.

It comes in several different flavors, and they all focus on only one base protein. This makes it much easier to add it to the diet of a particularly sensitive or picky dog. You can also use it to up the taste factor of a food that’s good for them but they don’t seem to want to eat. If you’re not sure what flavor your dog will take, then they also have a variety pack which you can use as a samples until you find one that works for them.

Consider getting a pet fountain

Staying hydrated is one of the biggest concerns for dogs with bladder stones. While giving them more liquids at meal time is the most obvious step, you can make their water more attractive as well. Many animals actually love drinking running water. For this reason, many pet fountains have come on the market in recent years. If your dog is not a big drinker and you’d like to encourage them to up their fluid intake, then this is a good way to do it.

pet fountain water tastes better

These tiny pet fountains have filters in them, and they keep the water tasting fresh. Moving water also inhibits bacteria and mold growth. They are available in several price ranges, and investing in one could be a good move to help protect your dog’s urinary health.

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