The best dog food Pitbull puppies can eat!

Pitbulls are an extremely loyal, yet misunderstood breed. They are very muscular dogs that require a high calorie budget and lots of exercise. In today's article we're going to go over the nutritional needs of Pitbull puppies to help you understand how to purchase a high quality food for them. We'll talk about what types of ingredients you should look for and which ones you should avoid. Then we'll make some recommendations for foods in several different price ranges so that you can be sure you're feeding your pup a good food no matter what your budget is.
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Looking for the best food Pitbull puppies can eat? In today’s article we’re going to go over the nutritional needs of Pitbull puppies to help you understand how to purchase a high quality food for them. We’ll talk about what types of ingredients you should look for and which ones you should avoid.

Then we’ll make some recommendations for foods in several different price ranges so that you can be sure you’re feeding your pup a good food no matter what your budget is.

What should you be looking for in a dog food?

Pitbulls are an extremely loyal, yet misunderstood breed. They are very muscular dogs that require a high calorie budget and lots of exercise.

When searching for the best dog food for Pitbull puppies, it’s important to learn how to read the ingredients list. There are many foods at your local big box store or grocery store that can be very misleading.

While many of these foods will advertise that they are full of healthy proteins like lamb on them, displaying attractive pictures of fresh, whole foods, that’s not always the truth.


If you take a moment to read the ingredients, you’ll likely see that the first ingredient in these cheaper foods is actually corn. This is important, because dog food manufacturers are required to list foods in order of prominence.

If corn is first, then that means the food you’re looking at is predominately composed of it. If you can’t find a meat product until much later in the list, then you should move on and choose a better brand.

Foods like this are mostly stuffed with filler and junk foods. Corn is a very cheap food item, and pet food manufacturers use it to fill your dog up on cheap calories without giving them any real nutrition. This is not beneficial for your dog, it is only beneficial for the company who wants to save money.

Instead, look for a food where the first ingredient is a healthy, whole meat item. Preferably, the first few ingredients should be meat related.

It’s also a good idea to avoid grains and over abundant usage of carbohydrates, because these can be difficult for pups to digest or possibly cause them to have allergic reactions. So, let’s do a run down of our key take aways here.

Low in Carbs

Avoid foods that contain cheap fillers like corn or grains. Look for meat products as the first ingredient in the list!

High Protein

Look for a food that is high in valuable meat proteins. This is what your dog needs to eat.

Limited Ingredients

By feeding your dog a food with a limited number of ingredients you can help aide their digestion and combat food related allergies.

Okay, now that we know what we’re looking for, now it’s time to get down to our recommendations. First on our list are fresh and canned foods. While more expensive, these are overall the best foods you can feed your Pitbull puppy.

These foods tend to contain more whole meat products and less fillers or junk carbohydrates. They also offer your dog added liquids which can be beneficial to their overall health and help prevent conditions such as struvite crystals.

However, we’ve included a couple of dry food picks as well for the pet parent on a budget.

Every item on this list is composed using high quality, whole meat items. Any carbohydrates have been kept to a minimum, and all of the foods we’ve chosen replace low grade items like corn or wheat with higher value carbs like sweet potatoes. Here’s the list!

The Best dog food Pitbull puppies can eat

#1- NomNomNow

(Best fresh food diet)

Looking to feed your Pitbull puppy the absolute best possible food? Then fresh is the way to go. While making fresh meals for your dogs yourself can be a hassle, NomNomNow delivers them straight to your door.

This awesome pet food deliver company cooks all of their foods fresh every week, and then mails them to you so there’s no shopping to do. They also tailor the plan specifically to your pup to make sure that they are eating exactly how much they should be.

The recipes they serve are also formulated by a vet so there’s no worries about whether or not your puppy is getting adequate nutrition.

best dog food available

Above you can see the ingredients and nutritional information for the Chicken Chow-Wow recipe. As you can see, these recipes offer extremely limited ingredient profiles, using only 5 main ingredients.

This makes them excellent for puppies who many be sensitive to certain foods. This can help reduce, eliminate or even prevent a number of ailments like skin allergies, diarrhea, or vomiting, as these can often be linked to digestion issues.

If you’re tired of all the garbage dog foods at the pet store, then this is the cream of the crop when it comes to canine nutrition. Interested in feeding your new baby like a doggy king or queen? Click here to learn more about this awesome service.

#2- Wysong Archtype

(Best raw food diet)

Interested in feeding your dog a raw diet but don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself? Then Wysong makes an excellent product for this called Archetype.

It allows you to feed your dog a raw food diet that’s composed of 95% protein without worrying about whether you’re offering them adequate nutrition on your own. Everything will be up to standard here, and it offers you the benefits of raw meat diets with the convenience of kibble!

If you’ll notice the packaging, it actually says the food is for dogs and cats. While this may seem strange at first, the reason that cats can’t eat commercial dog food is mostly due to the fact that it has too many fillers.

Meaning that they won’t get enough nutrition since they won’t be eating as much of it. This food doesn’t have any, and it has added taurine, making it acceptable for both!

This is a freeze dried product. While you can feed this to your dog dry, it will likely be more palatable to them if you reconstitute it with water. Plus, it will add more liquids to your dog’s diet, improving his overall health.

If you need to save on costs then you could even mix this with a high quality dry food to give your pup some of the benefits without breaking the bank. Archetype is however perfectly acceptable to be fed as your dog’s only food.

Archetype is excellent for dogs with food allergies, because the ingredients are extremely limited. In addition, they also focus on one protein item. For many sensitive dogs, proteins are often the trigger, and by feeding your pup this food you’ll be able to easily narrow down what the problem is or avoid it by choosing a different recipe.

This food comes in chicken,quail, rabbit and pollock flavors. Interested in learning more about this great raw food alternative? Visit the manufacturer’s website to get more information and see the full ingredient’s list.

#3 – Halo Dog Food

(Best Canned Food Diet)

best food for pitbull puppies

Is your puppy sensitive to a lot of foods? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an affordable canned food that isn’t full of junk that’s bad for you puppy? Either way, Halo makes an excellent canned food that can solve your problems.

This awesome pet food company uses only whole food ingredients to make their diets, and they also offer grain free varieties. This allows you to give your dog a food that offers a large protein value while still being highly digestible.

Their puppy specific formulas offer excellent nutritional value with high quality meats like salmon and turkey liver. All of their foods are low in carbohydrates, choosing to utilize high quality fruits and veggies like blueberries for added antioxidants and nutrients.

For pet parents on a budget, this company also offers excellent dry food options. You can even easily swap between or mix together the dry and wet formulas if you’d like to offer your dog a wet food as a supplement while still saving some money by feeding a dry food. You can read more about this food here.

#4 – Wysong Epigen

(Best supplemental food)

wysong epigen starch free dog food

Looking to give your baby Pitbull a protein boost? Wysong Epigen is an exceptional product that is composed of over 95% meat, and it’s a great supplement for your dog’s dry food diet.

Pet parents should keep in mind that Epigen is not a complete diet. It’s meant to be fed with another more balanced food. You can mix this with Wysong’s raw food diet or a high quality dry food diet.

This food comes in several different flavor profiles, and the only ingredients really are the named meat basically.Here’s the ingredients list for one of the Epigen varities.

Duck, Water Sufficient for Processing, Natural Flavor, Organic Guar Gum, Mixed Tocopherols.

As you can see, other than a few natural preservative items to keep the food fresh, everything is the named protein. This is a great way to add more high quality meats to your dog’s diet if they predominately eat dry food.

Plus, if your pup happens to be a picky eater, then this will make meal time much more attractive to them. This supplement comes in several recipes including duck, chicken, beef, rabbit, salmon and turkey. You can learn more about this item here.

#5 – Orijen dog food

(Best dry food diet)

best pitbull puppy food

Orijen offers pet parents the convenience and cost savings of feeding a dry food, while still offering them maximum nutrition. This excellent food is very high in protein, perfect for active Pitbull puppies. It’s also made with only whole ingredients, no rendered meat meals or unsavory by products. This food is a mix rather of both fresh, whole foods, dehydrated and dried products. The addition of the freeze dried meats makes this product particularly tasty for your pup, stimulating their appetite.

This company uses a “whole prey” approach to dog diets, and they actually use whole meat and organ components in the food. While humans may turn their nose up at eating hearts and livers, dogs absolutely love it. This mix also adds some valuable nutritional benefits for your growing pup that will be beneficial for his or her development. That’s why this brand is our pick for best dry food for pitbull puppies. You can learn more about this great food here.

Michelle Rei
Michelle Rei
Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.
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