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In this article, we’ll be exploring feline herpes treatment at home methods. The name of this condition is often confusing to people upon first hearing it, likely due to the human condition of the same name. However, these conditions are in no way related. Your cat can’t pass feline herpes on to you or even to dogs if you have them. This condition is however contagious for other cats, and if you have recently brought an infected cat into your home then you need to get your other cats checked as well.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for feline herpes. Once an animal has this disease they will have it for the rest of their life. However, this condition can be treated at home to reduce the symptoms and to make your cat more comfortable for the remainder of their life. In this article we’ll be going over the steps you can take to reduce or almost eliminate your cat’s flare ups and ways that you can continue to give them an excellent quality of life for their remaining years. In a minute we’ll explore treatment options and changes you can make that will help your cat with this condition, but first let’s talk about the disease itself. Learning exactly what is happening to your cat can leave you better prepared to deal with the resulting symptoms.

What happens to cats with feline herpes?

This virus can cause several symptoms in cats which can negatively impact them. These include respiratory infections, and conjunctivitis. Cats who experience these symptoms could have other trickle down issues as well. Since these respiratory issues often reduce your cat’s sense of smell they may be less inclined to eat. In severe cases a cat may even be prescribed an appetite stimulant if it seems that they are losing a lot of weight. If your cat has feline herpes you should monitor them closely to make sure that they are eating, and if you can’t get them to maintain a healthy weight or gain any weight it’s best to see your veterinarian for help. However, at the bottom of the article we have included a section on helping an underweight and sick feline to gain weight and dealing with a cat who refuses to eat at all.

Feline herpes treatment at home options

Cats with feline herpes suffer from a number of different ailments, and so we’re going to attempt to address the most common ones. All of these are at home treatments which you can attempt to use to reduce your cat’s symptoms. However, it is important to watch your cat very closely. If it seems their symptoms are getting drastically worse or if they are losing a noticeable amount of weight, then you should seek veterinary assistance. While in many cases at home treatments will do fine for them, there are extreme cases which will require your vet’s help. Letting a cat lose too much weight can be very dangerous for them and you should take this very seriously.

Give them an L-lysine supplement

Many cats with feline herpes respond well to L-lysine supplements. This product is an immune system booster that helps to fight off infections. For cats suffering from feline herpes, this is often their biggest concern. Their bodies have trouble fighting off these infections and giving them a supplement can help to keep these flare ups at bay. Most of these supplements come in either powder form or convenient chews or treats which are easy to feed to your cat.

You should keep in mind that while this supplement can be very beneficial in most cases it is not a miracle drug. It will not keep your cat from getting infections 100% of the time, but it can help them to fight them off and to reduce them. It makes for an excellent component in your feline herpes treatment at home regiment.

If your veterinarian has prescribed medications for your cat for their ailments, then you should consult with your vet before giving them L-lysine supplements. Sometimes this product can interfere with the vet’s prescribed meds, and you’ll need to ask them if this will be the case for whatever they have prescribed for your cat.

For cats who are particularly sensitive, L-lysine may cause them to have an upset stomach in some cases. If this is the case for your feline friend you can try adding something to their food which will settle their stomach. A little bit of canned pumpkin is a good way to give them some regularity in their digestive tract if you can get them to eat it. Fortunately, most animals think pumpkin is pretty tasty, and they’ll be glad to take your offering off your hands.

Offer them a more attractive food option

If your cat is not excited about eating, then offering them a more palatable food option can be a very good way to get them to eat more. Usually foods that offer a higher meat content and contain fresher ingredients are your best bet here. If you’re feeding your cat a dry kibble, then swap them out to a fresh or a wet food. This is beneficial for your cat in more ways than one, because a wet food will help to keep them from having any urinary tract issues or kidney problems.

It should be noted that we have not included any raw diets in our list. The reason for that is that cats who are suffering from feline herpes often have weakened immune systems. Raw diets, which can be perfectly good for healthy pets could be dangerous for them. If there is any bacteria residing in the food animals with weakened immune systems are more likely to contract an illness from it. All of the recipes we’ve chosen include only cooked foods as they are safer for these animals. Here’s our picks.

#1 – NomNomNow

best cat food

NomNomNow is a fresh pet food company that delivers meals straight to your door. Everything is formulated by a vet, and the meals are specifically portioned for your cat. The company cooks everything fresh every week, and they only use human grade, fresh ingredients. All of the recipes are very limited in ingredients, making them a great choice for picky kitties or those who have food allergies or sensitivies.  Their Fish Feast recipe will likely be the most enticing to kitties with a weakened appetite and sense of smell.

Below you can see the ingredients for this diet. As you can see, there’s only five main ingredients in this particular recipe. Includes healthy fish oils that can help to naturally strengthen your cat’s immune system and even reduce their inflammation. Their expertly formulated nutritional blends are portioned out to keep your cat at an optimal weight as well.

NomNomNow is the cream of the crop when it comes to offering your cat the best diet. Their whole food ingredient approach helps a magnitude of pet ailments often brought on by feeding a lower quality kibble. If you’re interested in learning more about feeding your fur baby like a kitty king or queen, then you can learn more about this awesome company here.


#2 – Wysong Uretic

cat food immune system booster

Wysong’s high quality food line is great for pets suffering from many ailments. This wet food is low in carbohydrates and high in quality proteins. Cats are obligate carnivores and high meat diets are often very palatable to them. If you are currently feeding your cat a dry kibble diet, then you should consider swapping to a wet food diet. Not only will they be more willing to eat, but it’s also a healthier option for all cats to prevent urinary tract issues like struvite crystals and to keep your cat hydrated.

Many are not familiar with the Wysong brand, but they’ve actually been manufacturing quality pet foods since the 70s, and they’ve cared about pet healthy long before other retailers jumped on the “health food” for pets bandwagon. Their products also come at very attractive price points, making it more affordable for pet parents who don’t have much to spend to offer their pets a better diet.

This particular food is not only great on the protein front, but it also has added immune system boosting foods like cranberries. Wysong Uretic is full of foods that offer maximum nutrition to sick kitties, and they use only high quality, organic, whole chicken to make this food. You can see the full ingredients list and learn more about Wyson’s approach to pet health here.


#3 – Halo Cat Food

highly digestible cat food

If your cat is having digestive issues, then Halo makes an excellent product which may help them. This food is also very palatable, and most cats love the taste, so if your cat is particularly picky and not very excited about eating, this is a great choice. Halo only uses whole food ingredients for their foods, and they also offer many grain free varieties if you’d prefer to not feed your cat any grains. For picky cats, avoid the novel protein options such as quail or rabbit. It can often be very difficult to get cats who are not used to these flavors to eat them.

Instead try something particularly enticing like salmon or a flavor which is familiar to them. One of the good things about Halo is that they have many different flavor profiles, making it easier to find something that your cat will eat. There’s also a variety pack available which you can use as a sampler to figure out which one is agreeable to your kitty.

Halo’s foods are so digestible that they’ve actually tested them in a lab to prove it. That not only means that your cat will not have any issues with diarrhea or vomiting, but they will also be absorbing more nutrients from their diet, which is extra important for sick cats. Interested in learning more about Halo? You can pick up some of their great products at Amazon.


Other ways to help your cat

While diet and supplements are a good start, there are some other things that you may want to add to your feline herpes treatment at home system. Here’s some other things which can impact sick cats that you could try to remedy.

Try a humidifier

If your cat is having difficulties with congestion, then a humidifier could help to clear them up a bit. Though you don’t really need to go out and buy one. If you don’t already have a humidifier, then you could try letting your cat spend a few minutes in a steamy bathroom. However, if you’d prefer a more permanent solution without having to run your cat into the bathroom, then there are a ton of affordable options for these machines. Simply put your cat’s bed in a quiet room and put the humidifier to work for them to help relieve some of their symptoms. A device like this one will go a long way in helping a cat suffering with congestion issues.

Reduce environmental stress

Sometimes stress can cause flare ups in cats. While knowing how to reduce stress for a cat can sometimes be difficult, your best bet is to focus on sticking to a routine. Avoid doing things that will mess with their comfort levels. This could include limiting visitors, avoiding loud noises, ect.

If possible, you may want to create a safe space in your home for your cat where they can retreat. This could be a seldom used room that is very quiet. Move their things in there and give them some clean bedding to lay on, this can help to make them feel safer at times when your home is busy. You could also consider getting them a personal hide-a-way. A covered bed could make them feel more safe when they are resting, and many cats enjoy these. This thermal cat bed helps to preserve warmth, and it allows your cat to feel comfy and safe.

Frequently clean away discharge from their face

Many cats will quickly become overwhelmed with discharge from their infections. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean this away from their eyes or nose. If allowed to harden this can become crusted and cause discomfort to them or possibly block up their nasal passage more.

Encourage your cat to drink more water

Cats suffering from feline herpes may also be dehydrated. Try to make note of how much water your cat is drinking. It’s typically difficult to get cats to drink enough fluids, and your best bet is to try to supplement them by switching to a high quality wet food diet. They prefer to get most of their liquids through eating, and this is generally the easiest way to get more fluids into them. However, you could also try purchasing a pet fountain. These devices provide fresh, aerated water which cats love, and it makes them more likely to drink more fluids. A pet fountain contains a filter which improves the taste of the water, and the constant aeration keeps bacteria and mold from growing in dishes.

How can I help an underweight cat gain weight?

(or help a cat who refuses to eat at all)

An unfortunate side effect of this disease is a reduction in appetite. This can even cause your cat to lose interest in food entirely. This is partially due to having a reduced sense of smell. Smell is a big part of taste, and without it food is just plain unappetizing. This is true for both humans and cats. It can be extremely frustrating to see your cat continually losing weight, and it can also be very dangerous for them. Even small amounts of weight loss can be detrimental to a cat’s health. So, what can you do to help a cat which is losing weight quickly, having difficulty maintaining, or worse, a cat who just won’t eat anything at all? A nutritional supplement could be in order.

feline herpes make cat gain weight

PDG is a product sold by Wysong which can help animals who are ill to gain weight. It’s comprised mostly of organ meats which can be extremely nutritious and beneficial to animals. Not only that, but they are usually very tasty to them, which stimulates their appetite. It’s a powder which is then mixed with water to form a calorie dense and nutritious paste. If your cat is willing to eat at least some food, then you can try mixing this into their current food to encourage them to eat more or add calories to what meals they will take. You can also sprinkle it on as a powder, but adding water will probably make it more attractive to your cat.

If your cat does not eat at all, then you can actually force feed this product to them. While that process is no fun for anyone, if it’s a life or death situation that your cat eats, then you may have to with a food syringe. Though, you may not have to resort to this. If you take a bit and put it on your cat’s tounge, then this could entice them to begin eating on their own. As previously stated, most cats really like the taste of this, and it can inspire them to eat when other products have failed. You can get the best price for this item by purchasing it directly from the manufacturer.

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