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These are the best slow feeder dog bowl options!

In this article, we’ll be going over the best slow feeder dog bowl options! If your pup seems to devour his food as soon as it touched the bowl, then a slow feeder could be a beneficial purchase for them. Eating slower is often much better for digestion, and some pups eat so quickly that it even makes them sick, causing them to toss their kibbles somewhere on the kitchen floor.

Slow feeders also have another benefit which is often neglected. They can be fun for your dog! Many of these products work by acting as a “puzzle” that the dog needs to solve in order to get to the food. This can gives an anxious or bored dog something to keep them entertained if you feed them before you leave the house.

We’ve done a round up of some great slow feeders for you. We’ll go over them all and their relevant features and you can decide for yourself which one is the best option for your dog. We’ve even included some helpful videos so you can see these products in action!

Beanietoe’s list of the best slow feeder dog bowl options!


Pet Safe Automatic Pet Feeder

slow feeder dog bowls

This is a unique option, and it’s a great way to help control a pup who is very determined to eat everything within a few seconds. Did you know that an automatic feeder like this one from Pet Safe allows you to schedule your dog’s meals? It also allows you to set a “slow feed timer”. Instead of dispensing the food all at once, this product will actually slowly dispense food over a period of 15 minutes so it’s not possible for your dog to eat everything at once.

An automatic feeder is a great option if you would prefer to feed your dog multiple small meals per day for his health but you just can’t be home to do it due to work or other obligations. This feeder allows you to schedule up to 12 different meal times during the day which gives you plenty of options.

This product also has the benefit of providing a stainless steel bowl. Many of the slow feeders are actually plastic which can break easier or be chewed on. A stainless steel bowl makes for easy clean up, and it’ll last forever. You can learn more about this great product here. This is the best slow feeder dog bowl period, but it’s especially good for pups who may otherwise destroy toy style dishes.

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Green Interactive Pet Feeder

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Looking for a slow feeder that can also help to keep your dog entertained? Then the Green interactive pet feeder is likely a great choice for you. This fun dog bowl doubles as a type of food puzzle that can bring your pup enrichment. If you’re wondering if food puzzles really work for helping animals with boredom, then you need only look to zoos, sanctuaries and other professional animal care institutions. Using food puzzles or “hidden treats” is a common part of their care program to add mental stimulation for their animal residents.

This particular bowl is awesome, because of the way it’s designed. While most bowls actually have a size limitation, these don’t. Pets of any size can utilize them. The product is made of a durable plastic material that is safe for your dog. Unlike similar products, this one does not contain phthalates, and that means that no harmful chemicals can leach out of the bowl and into your dog’s food or mouth. It’s weatherproof, making it great for indoor or outdoor feeding, and you can stick it in the dishwasher for super easy cleaning! If you’re interested in learning more about this product, then click here.

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Outward Hound Slow Feeder Puzzle Dog Bowl

This spiral dog bowl is shaped in a way that it’s not possible for your dog to just scoop the food out in one go. Instead, they quickly learn to chase it around the little curves, which slows them down during eating but also offers them a type of “game” to play. This one is not quite as interactive as our last pick, but it is a more affordable option. If your only goal is to slow your dog’s eating then this is a good choice.

If you would prefer a bowl that is sized to your dog, then this one comes in multiple shapes, sizes and colors. You can get exactly the size that you need for your pet using this product. They have multiple sizes, shapes and varieties of puzzle bowls for you to choose from that your pup could solve. They’re pretty affordable too, so you could even get multiples to make things more challenging for your pup by rotating them through the week! Click here to see the options that are available. This is the best slow feeder dog bowl for pet parents on a budget!

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The Kong Wobbler Treat Ball

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Technically this product is intended for treats, but there’s no reason that you couldn’t put your dog’s food in here too! The downside of course is that it won’t hold nearly as much as the bowls will, so if you have a large dog then you will need to do multiple feedings. It is however an excellent interactive activity, and it will limit their food intake. It may also be a great option for dogs that may hurt themselves using other products. The Kong wobbler is smooth with no sharp edges or bits that can break off. It’s also extremely durable, great for aggressive chewers.

This wobble toy has a very small hole in it, and your dog will need to work in order to shake out the food or treats inside. The unit unscrews to make it easy for you to fill it up, and it is also dishwasher safe so you can wash it easily. You can check out this cool little toy for your pup at Amazon.

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OutwardHound Food Puzzles and Games

Is your dog a real smart cookie? Have they already mastered the art of slow feeder bowls and now they eat just as fast as they did before? It’s time to up your game plan then! Try out one of Outward Hound’s more intricate puzzles that will keep even the most clever dog busy trying to solve them for the tasty food rewards inside.

These puzzle games for dogs to perform more complex maneuvers in order to get to the goodies inside. This is the perfect solution for pups that get into trouble while you’re away, because it gives them something to keep them busy. Outward Hound’s food puzzles come in a number of varieties as shown above. If you’d like to explore these options for your smart pup, then click here to see what’s available. This is the best slow feeder dog bowl for smart pups like Blue Heelers that need something to do!

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Are there any down sides to slow feeders?

There are a couple of issues here, yes. For starters, some feeders do have protruding plastic bits, and dogs who are particularly voracious could potentially chip a tooth or even ingest a bit of plastic that may be harmful to them. If you are afraid that your dog might get himself into this type of trouble, then the PetSafe Automatic feeder is likely the best choice for them. There’s nothing here to break off or hurt themselves with, but it will still restrict their food access.

The other potential annoyance could be that your pup may make a mess. While slow feeders can be exciting for them, they could also fling kibble all over your kitchen. If your dog is a messy eater, then you may want to feed him outside. However most pups will also quickly help “vacuum” up any food.

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