The BEST outdoor cat runs for indoor cats!

It’s estimated that over 60% of cats are over weight. That’s no surprise really when you realize that most of them are fed really crappy food, and then they just spend all of their time indoors. Is your kitty looking a little bored or plump? Maybe you could liven up their day by giving them a little outdoor time! While it’s normally a bad idea to let your cat wander the neighborhood, now there’s plenty of products on the market that allow your cat to get outside into the fresh air without being in any danger.

So today we’ve compiled a list of some super cool cat walks, catios and fun play things that will let your furry friend experience the glory of the great outdoors without any of the dangers that come with it. You should keep in mind that some of these products may still require pet parent supervision, especially if your fur baby is extra sneaky!

If you’re looking to buy your darling fur baby the best cat runs, then Kitty Walk makes the top products for these! Take a gander at our gallery to see these adorable backyard play areas for kitties.

Kitty Walk Grand Prix

cat aviary

Looking to give your kitty one of the grandest kitty outdoor experiences? The Kitty Walk grand Prix is one of Kitty Walk’s largest enclosures. It allows your kitty to have access to a variety of spaces to walk around and explore in! The best part is that you can arrange the pieces how you want, and you can even add to it later if you want the walk to be bigger.

The company sells tons of accessories that allow you to create new spaces no matter what size your yard is, and they also have covers which can make the kitty run great even if weather is not the best. The cover allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors without any worries of over heating or light showers literally raining on their parade.

These units are also transportable. You don’t have to do any permanent damage to your yard, and if you need to bring your cat with you somewhere you can take this with you wherever you need to go. The set even includes travel bags so you can pack it away when needed. You can get this cute kitty run on Peacebone.

Kitty Carnival


While not quite as spacious as the first item on our list, this one is far more versatile. This outdoor kitty condo is a snap to set up. If you view the last image then you’ll see how easily it folds. This unit also allows you to form it into several configurations, so you can use which ever one best suits you and your cat’s needs.

Like all of the other Kitty Walk products, you can also add longer runs to this one if you want to give your cat more room to move around. If you live in a hotter climate, then this version also comes with several shades to allow your cat to get out of the sun a little easier. The little flags up top also have bells on them so they can be used as cat toys. How cute! Here’s the link for this one.

Kitty Gazebo


While not as intricate, the kittywalk gazebo is a tad more spacious when it comes to ground room. It’s also a little more secure, and if you have a very naughty kitty they’ll have a harder time escaping from this one. This unit is very easy to set up, and it includes a zipper up top so you can easily add or remove cats as needed.

Like all of their products, this one can also be connected to the kitty walk runs so you can easily make this a much larger unit if you want to. You can connect other sets together to make a very large play area. This also makes it easier to buy pieces a bit at time if you can’t afford to get everything you want all at once which is pretty cool. Here’s a link to this item if you’re interested.

KittyWalk Town and Country


The Town and Country cat run is a spacious exploration area for your cat that is multi-tiered. It allows for your cat to have fun climbing and getting a bird’s eye view of your yard. Cats love being up high, and this will likely make it a favorite for them.

Plus, this version also comes with some super cute little cat hammocks, giving your cat a nice spot to take a nap. The nap areas are also covered by some little sun shades, allowing your feline pal to get out of the hot sun for a bit. It includes a large floor area and multiple hammocks, making it a great choice if you have two or more cats who need their own play areas. This unit is a favorite with pet parents, and some of them have even attached it to a window using a pet door so the cats can go out whenever they want to! You can get this cat run and play area here.

Are cat runs secure? What if my cat gets outside!

While these cat runs are pretty secure, there is still a chance your kitty could get out, especially if they are determined. Cats can be sneaky and too smart for their own good. If your cat is pretty good at opening doors or just getting into general mischief while you’re away, then you may want to supervise his play time. Put the cat gazebo within view of a window where you will be such as an office if you work from home or the kitchen window if you will be busy doing chores.

If you’re really afraid of your cat getting out and getting lost, then you could also invest in a pet tracker! This cool little pet GPS device from POD allows you to track your naughty kitty’s movements. You can even set up zones in your house or your yard, and if the cat steps outside of the designated safe zone you’ll get a notification to let you know that they are up to no good.

These devices are lightweight, waterproof and they snap on to your cat’s collar. By using a combination of GPS and WiFi signals they triangulate the pet’s location and sends that data back to you so you can find them if they ever get lost. It’s a handy gadget to have, and if you are worried about your cat’s safety while outdoors then it might be worth the purchase. This is one of the few trackers that is suitable for cats as well as dogs. You can check it out here.

Michelle Rei

Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.

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