The best cat hair remover tools for keeping your home fur free!

Cats are wonderful creatures, but if you have a cat, particularly a long haired one, then you’ll soon find that they leave behind kitty tumble weeds that gently soar across your home. No matter how much you vacuum, you never seem to get all of them and you never manage to get all of the hair off of the couch!

Don’t worry pet parents, because today we’re going to highlight some awesome tools that can help you to make quick work of your cat hair problems. If you have dogs, then you’ll be happy to know that these tools will also work just great for them as well. Let’s get started!

Stop tumble weeds before they start with a de-shedding tool!

best cat hair remover

Groom Genie makes de-shedding your cat a breeze.

The first step to stopping kitty tumble weeds is spending some time grooming your cat. While this can sometimes be an unpleasant experience for both cat owners and the cats, it doesn’t have to be. Your first step should be to seek out a good quality grooming brush that won’t make your cat flee, leaving behind a cloud of fur, every time you pick it up.

By using a great de-shedding tool your cat will soon come to find that there’s nothing to fear from his grooming time, and he may even begin to enjoy it. Choosing the right comb or brush and taking the time to make sure you’re not pulling their fur too much will make this chore a snap.

A good choice for this is the Groom Genie. This nifty little brush does some cool tricks. It features a unique bristle design that works to untangle even the worst knots in pet hair, and it pulls the natural oils on their fur through the hair to better condition their coats. Chances are, if you start grooming your cat regularly, you’ll have a lot less fur to deal with in the house.

Removing cat hair from wood floors or tile

best cat hair remover

Removing cat hair from your floors can be extra annoying if you have hardwood floors or ceramic tile. Unlike dog hair which tends to just lay there, cat hair likes to start flying around every time you try to sweep or brush it up. This quickly turns into a frustrating game of you running around the kitchen trying to catch rouge fur balls.

If you’re tired of playing that game, then let me introduce you to an amazing clean up tool called the WISP. This awesome product has electrostatic bristles that grab pet hair. Instead of letting the cat hair fly away, it actually attracts it and traps it in the broom! That’s pretty awesome, and you won’t have to ever fight with flying cat hair again.

The broom is also light weight and designed so that it can easily get into corners, under appliances, under furniture or in other small places where cat hair likes to hide. This allows you to quickly sweep it up in no time. You can check out this cool little cleaning tool here. Below you can see a video of this neat little broom in action.

Removing cat hair from furniture

If you watched the video above, then you’ll note that WISP also has a neat mini version that can help pull pet hair off your furniture! The mini WISP is a tiny little broom and dust pan that can quickly pull cat hair off of your sofa with just one little sweep.

The best part for me though is that unlike a normal broom, it doesn’t get clogged up with cat hair! Thanks to the neat little “teeth” you see on the dust pan, you can just quickly run the broom bristles through it and the fur just comes off. You don’t have to use your hands to try and pluck the cat hair and who knows what else out of the broom.

If you’d like to get both of these neat little tools, then WISP has several packages available on their website where you can get multiple products in a set for a reduced price. You can get just the main broom and a mini, or you can even get one of their larger outdoor brooms bundled too if you want. You can check out all of that at their website.

Removing cat hair from carpets and rugs

best cat hair remover

Believe it or not, the WISP also works on carpets and rugs. You can actually just sweep the pet hair off of your carpet if you want to. That’s pretty cool, and it might be a good solution if you have only a few rugs in your house. If you have wall to wall carpeting though, it may be more efficient to get a vacuum that specializes in pet hair removal. Most of these will come with tools and brush set ups specifically made to pull cat hair out of your carpets.

If this is the case for you, then you’ll need to look for a vacuum with a high wattage motor. While many vacuum cleaners do just fine under normal conditions, it can be a lot of strain on the motor to remove heavy amounts of pet hair. If your vacuum isn’t specifically designed for it, then it may burn out. Some of the ones marketed as “pet hair” vacuums also only have tools for furniture, but the base unit is rather useless still for removing pet hair from carpeting.

Our pick is the Koblenz canister vacuum. It features a 1600 watt motor, which should be enough to pull even stubborn pet hair from your carpets. It also features a handy retractable power cord, many cleaning tools and a HEPA filtration system to help catch dust and dander to keep it from floating around your home. While removing cat hair from your home can be a challenge, with the right tools it can also be a snap.

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Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.

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