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Cats typically have a very high tolerance for pain, so if you see your feline friend exhibiting pain symptoms such as limping, then you can bet it must be pretty bad. Pet parents never want to see their fur babies suffer, and it can be tempting to give them an over the counter pain medication. You should never do this however, because it can be very dangerous for your cat. Even pain killers which are normally pretty safe could be damaging to them, because it’s very difficult to get the correct dosage. These drugs were also formulated for humans not cats. In fact, cats are even more sensitive to pain killers than dogs. Cats could be 2-5 times more sensitive to them than their canine counterparts.

Instead of reaching for prescription pain killers, it may be possible to manage your cats pain with more natural means. There are supplements out there which can help to ease chronic pain from ailments such as arthritis or even the pain that may come with a serious illness such as cancer. In this article we’re going to explore these natural treatments and even give you a couple of recommendations which could help your furry friend to feel less pain naturally.

What causes every day pain in cats?

For cats experiencing pain from everyday ailments such as arthritis, joint pain or muscle aches, inflammation is typically the main culprit. Fortunately, there are many supplements on the market that are all natural that can help to reduce swelling and inflammation, which often can alleviate some or most of the pain your cat will be feeling on the regular.

There is of course pain caused by surgeries or accidents such as a broken limb which will be more severe, and your vet may prescribe something stronger temporarily for this. If your cat is in a lot of pain, then supplements may not cut it. However, it’s worth it to try them first before approaching prescription drugs which can negatively impact the liver or kidneys. In many cases, you may find that reducing inflammation is the way to go for your pets. So, let’s talk about some methods that you can use to naturally reduce inflammation without dangerous prescription medications.

What can I do to treat my cat’s pain naturally?

Your first step for day to day pain should be a supplement that reduces inflammation. This will likely relieve a surprising amount of pain for an animal suffering from many conditions from arthritis and even cancer. Cats with cancer can offer suffer increased inflammation, leading to pain. A good supplement can help to combat this for them.

safe anti inflammatory for dogs

Your first step for day to day pain should be a supplement that reduces inflammation. This will likely relieve a surprising amount of pain for an animal suffering from many conditions from arthritis and even cancer. Cats with cancer can offer suffer increased inflammation, leading to pain. A good supplement can help to combat this for them.

An excellent choice for this is FlexPet. It’s one of the top supplements for pets with joint pain, but it actually performs many roles and it’s a great all around health supplement. It reduces inflammation, reduces swelling, lubricates joints, and it can even be used as a digestive aid for sick animals who are having trouble keeping their food down. The formula includes both enzymes and bromelaine, this can be very helpful if you’re trying to help a cat who has cancer.

The formula is all natural. There’s nothing in here that you’ll need to worry about harming your pet, and they offer easy instructions for giving it to them. Cats will require 1-2 tablets per day, the same dosage as small dogs under 25 pounds.

While this supplement is available from several retailers, you actually get the best deal on it by purchasing it straight from the company’s website. They offer a significant savings over retailers, and if you sign up for their automated shipments you’ll save an additional $10 off as well. You can learn more about this excellent product for managing pain in cats and dogs here.

Consider an orthopedic cat bed

When you’ve got sore joints and muscles, sleeping on the floor can be very hard on them. This is especially true if your cat is older. If you’d like another way that you can help them to relieve some of their pain, then you should consider getting them an orthopedic bed.

These beds work by fully supporting the animals weight, giving rest to pressure points and relieving some of their pain. If your cat seems restless at night, a bed like this may actually help them to sleep more soundly as their pain will likely be reduced.

While these types of beds are most often marketed to pet parents who have dogs, a senior cat would likely benefit from one as well. Finding a therapeutic bed specifically for cats may be difficult, but one that is rated for small dogs under 25 pounds would likely be your best bet.

When shopping for a bed, make sure the bed is actually solid memory foam. Purchasing a product that is “shredded memory foam” is essentially useless as it will offer no support for your cat. Some manufacturers try to pass these products off as orthopedic beds, but they are not. DogGoneit makes the best orthopedic pet beds, and they do offer them in sizes small enough for cats. If your feline friend prefers a little more privacy though, FurHaven makes an excellent”burrow bed” which will allow your cat to hide for his nap while still taking advantage of the orthopedic benefits a good quality memory foam bed will provide.

Get a pet bed warmer

A pet bed warmer can be a great way to entice your kitty to laying in his bed, and heat often helps to soothe sore muscles and joints. Usually you can easily slide one of these inside the cover of your bed somewhere so that it will radiate heat around your cat, giving them some nice warmth to help their arthritis or joint pain. There are a couple different kinds of these. Some of them plug into the wall so your cat can get continuous heat, but if you’re worried about having something like this plugged in all the time or the possibility of them burning themselves, then there are also versions which you can pop into the microwave. These don’t use any electricity, and they simply hold heat for a few hours, helping your cat to soothe his pain for a bit while he goes to sleep.

Consider some diet changes

Is your cat over weight? If so, then this is most certainly aggravating his joint pain. You should consider putting him on a diet to reduce the strain on his body. This article can assist you in helping your cat to shed a few pounds if he’s on the heavy side. However, even if your cat is at a healthy weight, a diet change could help his inflammation.

Consider feeding them a cat food that includes a food item which reduces inflammation such as sweet potatoes, fish oil,blueberries, celery or coconut oil. This article contains some great cat food picks which you can use to help your cat maintain better health and even some diets which could help to reduce their inflammation.

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