dog hamster wheel

This dog hamster wheel is so cool!

A dog hamster wheel?? YES! In today’s blog we’re taking a look at a really cool product that can help you up your dog’s exercise level. Every dog, but high energy large breeds especially, need a TON of exercise. Unfortunately, many just don’t have the time to give them as much exercise as they need between long work hours and chores. Ever wish your dog could burn off some energy in doors? Well, now he can! This awesome dog hamster wheel by GoPets can help you fill the time gap for high energy breeds. Check it out!

The company behind this product makes it in multiple sizes, so there’s an appropriate sized wheel for all your fur babies. The smallest wheel can even be used for cats! A great idea if you have a large, high energy feline like a Savannah cat who can be trained to run on the wheel.

The featured dog hamster wheel from GoPets is constructed of durable materials, and they have coated the inside with a padded material to protect your pet’s paw pads while they exercise. This makes it much more comfortable than products which just feature a metal mesh wheel with nothing underneath.

The best part about purchasing a wheel when compared to a canine treadmill though is that a wheel doesn’t use any electricity. You don’t have to turn it on, and that means your dog could use it whenever, even without your input should he choose to. It also isn’t as loud as a treadmill would be. Since some animals may be afraid of the sound the device makes, this is a great bonus.

This item would likely be a good choice for pet parents who are apartment dwellers who don’t have a yard or much space to exercise their dogs on the regular. Also a great choice for pet parents who live somewhere that experiences a lot of rain or snow that keeps them from exercising their pup.

You should keep in mind however that these are big, and you’ll need a good deal of space. The wheel itself weighs 200 lbs, but that also means it’s tough. It can hold up to a 150 lb. dog. However, it is one of the highest quality products of its kind on the market.

How to get your dog to use the wheel

It’s likely that after purchasing this item your dog won’t really know what to do with it. You will not be able to expect him to immediately start running on it, but with a little coaxing, you should be able to train him fairly quickly. You can begin by gently leading him on to the wheel with the use of a treat. Make sure to praise him so he associates the wheel with rewards and positive attention.

After he has gotten used to this, then you can move on to trying to teach him to walk on the wheel. Once your dog is up in the wheel, try to coax him to move by reaching for treats until he begins moving the way he is meant to. Eventually, you should be able to convince him that the wheel is a fun place where he can run and get some treats in the process. The product also comes with a training door which you can use to secure your pet inside the wheel.

That’s awesome! Where can I get a dog hamster wheel?

This is a cool gadget, but don’t expect to see it at your local pet store. So where can you get this thing then? Where else? Amazon. Amazon has everything, and it seems they’ve even got dog hamster wheels for sale. You can order this cool device online and have it shipped wherever you need it.

Michelle Rei

Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.

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