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What to do when your dog wont stop itching!

Nobody likes to see their dog suffering, and when your pup is constantly itching, it’s a pretty sure telling sign that something is very wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always apparent why your dog is doing this, and they could have a serious issue that you’re overlooking. In this article we’re going to go over some of the most common reasons that your dog could be constantly scratching.

Have you checked for fleas?

This is the most obvious option, and if the infestation is early, then you may have missed them on your inspections. Make sure to check a large section of your dog’s body to make sure that fleas have no made a home for themselves on your pooch. If your dog does not currently have a flea treatment routine, then it’s in their best interest for you to get one. Not only are fleas annoying and painful for your dog, but they can also cause disease and bring other nasty parasites with them like worms that can cause serious health issues for both your dog and yourself. You can read up about the best flea treatments for your pets here.

Does your dog have a food allergy?

It’s possible for dogs to have food allergies and sensitives just like people. If your dog does not have fleas, and he’s constantly itching, then there’s a possibility that he may be allergic to his food. If you’re not feeding your dog a high quality pet food, then you may want to start up a better nutrition plan for your pup. You may be surprised to find that this can clear up many issues including skin problems, itchiness, vomiting, diarrhea and more.

For a pet with allergies, it’s best to move to a limited ingredient diet. This is a diet that focuses on one type of protein. For example, all of the meat ingredients in the food could be related to either turkey or fish. A high quality food that is limited in ingredients and grain free will go a long way for your pup, and it will help you to eliminate allergies from their list of possibles. Keep in mind that identifying a food allergy requires a little trial and error, and you may need to try a couple of foods before you find one that agrees with your dog.

In most cases, the reason for itching is due to an allergy, and if you fix their diet, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to clear up this issue within a few weeks. The benefits of a good food become apparent surprisingly fast, and your dog will be happier and healthier in no time! Here’s our top picks for healthier foods for pups with potential food allergies.

Try these foods if you think your dog has food allergies!

NomNomNow is a premium pet food delivery company that can deliver fresh meals tailored to your dog’s needs. While it’s certainly the most expensive option, their super fresh and limited ingredient recipes are your best bet for your dog to become allergy free.

best dog food available

If you can’t afford fresh food like NomNomNow, then Dave’s offers an excellent canned food with a limited ingredient profile. This will be great not only for itchy dogs, but also for those with digestion issues or other ailments often brought on by low quality foods. bland diet to aid digestion
Dave’s pet foods offers a restricted diet which can be particularly helpful for pups with allergies. The ingredients are heavily limited, and that means there’s less things that could be triggering an allergy in your dog. Almost all of the recipes stick to a single protein source, making it easier to see if food is giving your dog a bad skin reaction. You can learn more about this great product here.

Does your dog have a skin problem?

Your dog may have a skin issue that is not related to an allergy, but perhaps to a fungus or other ailment like the on set of mange. These problems can hard to diagnose and troubling for pet parents. Many times when these issues are present a dog will scratch until they start losing hair, their skin bleeds or they become covered in hot spots or scabs. These open sores could soon lead to infection if your dog continues to scratch himself in this manner.

Fortunately, some great products have come out on the market recently that can offer some excellent relief for your dog if he has the “itch that can’t be scratched”. One of the best of which is chlorhexidine spray. This is an over the counter medicated spray designed to soothe skin irritations caused by allergies, mites, fungus, ect.

Strawfield makes one of these sprays, and pet parents are head over heels for it. Many of which claim that no other product has cleared up their dog’s issues but this one. It’s a very affordable way to make your dog more comfortable, and it can be used in conjunction with a better diet regime in order to offer your dog relief from their allergies.

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Have you considered giving your dog a probiotic?

If your dog is particularly susceptible to allergies, then a supplement may be in order. Many pet parents have reported that after giving their dog a probiotic type supplement that their constant scratching and other ailments vanished. These supplements can suppress many issues which could be hindering your pup’s health without your knowledge, so it’s worth a shot to try them out. They can generally be had pretty inexpensively, and this option has stellar reviews.

Does your dog have anxiety?

While normally anxiety is associated with destructive behavior that often ends up with your stuff being destroyed, that’s not always the case. Sometimes anxious dogs actually end hurting themselves. Being stressed can result in them chewing on things to the point where they break teeth, but they could also take up scratching to the point where they begin bleeding as well.

Have you changed something in your dog’s routine recently? Maybe you moved to a new house, or perhaps a new animal or person has started living in the home? These events can sometimes be stressful for dogs and end in undesirable behaviors as outlines above. This one can unfortunately be tough to crack, and in some cases it may just take some time for your dog to calm down and adjust to the changes.

However, if this behavior has been going on for a while, then there are some other things you can try for an anxious dog. This include things like calming music or even supplements which can help them to relax. You could try giving them a calming supplement or playing some music in the background which could be relaxing to them. Here’s an example of some calming music for dogs!

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