The best dog fatty tumor diet options

If your dog is getting older then you may have noticed some strange lumps which may have begun popping up on his body. These are lipomas, otherwise known as fatty tumors. In many cases these tumors are benign, and they won’t cause your dog any grief. In some cases though they can become quite large, and if they are negatively impacting your dog’s quality of life, then you may need to consider taking him in for surgery to remove them.

However, there is some research that suggests diet could be attributed to these growths. While it’s still too early for these findings to be conclusive, some believe that these tumors can be reduced or even removed completely with diet changes. In this article we’re going to explore those findings for some all natural solutions to fatty tumors which you can try for your dog.

Which pet insurance is the best for your pet?

With treatment costs rising every day, more and more pet parents are looking to insure their pets. Having insurance for cats or dogs is a great way to reduce your bills at the vet if disaster strikes. This becomes even more important if you are the owner of a high risk dog breed. Certain breeds are predisposed to the risk of having worse health than others, and it’s even more important for pet parents with dogs like Great Danes, Boxers or Bull Dogs to have health insurance. The bills for something like hip dysplasia or cancer can add up quickly, and you could soon find that your pup has wracked up thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Unfortunately, choosing the right insurance plan can be a little easier said than done. All pet insurance companies are not created equal, and in this article we’re going to help you choose the right plan for your pets no matter what the situation is.

Can you get pet insurance for older dogs?

Purchasing pet insurance for an older dog can be a real challenge. Many pet insurance companies issue cut off ages, and they aren’t insuring older dogs at all. Some may even boot you from your policy if your dog gets too old, even if you have been paying your premiums! These kinds of practices are heart breaking, and it’s often very difficult for pet parents with aging pups to find insurance.

However, in today’s article we’re going to give you some tips for finding a policy, and we’re even going to make a recommendation for an insurance provider that has no age cut off for dogs. Insurance can be a confusing and often deceptive industry, it’s important that you understand completely what all of the jargon means, or you could have your claims denied.

How to find the best dog food for flatulence!

If your dog has horrible gas, then it’s a pretty good guess that his diet is to blame. However, this may not be for the reason that you think. Often times high protein content is attributed to offensive stools or gas, but the reality is that your dog may actually be having trouble digesting his food. Many times one of the symptoms of poor digestion is an abundance of gas.

In today’s article we’re going to go over some common ingredients which could potentially cause problems for dogs with allergies or digestion issues. We’ll also make some recommendations for some excellent foods you can switch to in order to reduce or even completely eliminate these symptoms.

This is the best food to feed a cat with cancer!

Finding out that your cat has cancer is a heat breaking experience for pet parents. Your cat will experience many hardships a long the way, and due to the way that cancer impacts the body, it’s more important than ever that they receive adequate nutrition. There are thousands of pet food brands all vying for your attention, and it can often be confusing as to which ones are truly healthy.

In this article we’re going to go over the nutritional needs of cats with cancer, and we’ll help you to decipher the information on the ingredients label. We’ll also make some recommendations for healthy foods, and make note of ones that have ingredients which can be helpful for the many symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy, which can include pain and nausea. Let’s start by talking about what happens to cats who have cancer and the hardships they may face.