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The best dog Instagrams you should be following!

Looking for the best dog instagrams to bring some joy to your day? These dogs are insta-famous, and they’re ready to show the world their adorable antics! If you’re not following these internet celeb pooches yet, well why not? Here’s the best dog instagrams that you should be following. Warning! You may not be able to handle this much cuteness at once. Be sure to pace yourself and take regular breaks.

The Best Dog Instagrams List

Gohan the Husky

best dog instagram accounts

This adorable Husky first captured internet denizens hearts on Youtube, but he’s also become a bit of an Instagram star as well!

You can follow his many adventures, which include eating a raw food diet, getting vacuum groomed and just being a super cute doggo.


Clara Pinselpfoten

dogs of instagram

This isn’t your typical #dogstagram, but if you’re interested in some super artistic shots of dogs and cats, then this page has you covered!

This Instagrammer takes beautiful shots of dogs and cats that will make you say ‘wow’! Check out her page for some doggy glamor shots.


Kiba the Aussie

famous dogs

Kiba’s Instagram is full of pictures containing possibly the cutest Aussie you’ve ever seen. This doggo’s feed is full of picturesque adventure shots that will make you wish you were on vacation with this cute dog.

Follow this account to live vicariously through a dog who has possibly traveled more than you.


Dogs of Austin

cute dog social media accounts

You’ve heard of Humans of New York right? Well, this is Dogs of Austin. The photographer who runs this page goes around Austin to take photos of dogs and get their story from their people!

Do you enjoy seeing a variety of doggos whilst you sip your morning coffee? This page has you covered then my friend!


Aspen The Mountain Pup

doggo adventure instagram

Don’t let your dog see this feed or he’s going to insist that you do a little better than the dog park on your next outing. Aspen is an adventure dog through and through.

Follow this Instagram to see him and his humans go on wilderness adventures. Dogs and the great outdoors. Quite possibly the best collab ever.


Britney and Miley

instagrams for dogs

Tiny dog divas that are big on attitude is the theme of this #dogstagram duo. Need your fill of little dogs in ridiculously cute outfits? Well, here you go.

Follow Britney and Miley if you want to join them on their extravagant adventures, but be warned, only the fabulous need apply.


Marnie the Dog

instagram dog accounts

This little doggy star managed to gain over 2 million followers with that adorable face! She even met Chance the Rapper.

Follow her page to see all of this little Shih Zhu’s shenanigans including going to the grocery store, wearing fun costumes and other adventures.


Menswear Dog

novelty dog accounts

This is simply the most well dressed Shiba that you’ve ever met. Bodhi, the world’s most stylish dog will show you how to pull off the season’s best fashions, though he does not promise you’ll look as good as he does doing it.

Interested in some comical photo shoots of the internet’s favorite dog breed in men’s fashion?


Lily and the Hairless

hairless dogs instagram

This instagram features Lily, Silas and Gustav. If you’ve got a soft spot for hairless pets, then you’ll likely be interested in this instagram.

Their mom captures all of their fun moments, including them wearing adorable kitty and doggy sweaters to keep warm on cold days.


Doug The Pug

famous dogs on social media

Is Doug the most famous Pug on Instagram? Well maybe, but he doesn’t like to brag. Instead he lets his adventures speak for themselves.

How many pugs do you know that spend their days boating and hanging out with Tpain and the Vamps though? Yeah, that’s what we thought.


While this is a great start to the list of best dog instagrams, there’s tons more cute pups out there to follow. Make sure to frequent popular tags like #dogstagram and #dogsofinstagram to find more doggy goodness!

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