Here’s why you should be worried about one roach.

I saw one cockroach should I be worried

I saw one cockroach should I be worried?” The answer is YES!

If you’ve started seeing a roach or two in your home, then it’s time to get serious. A single female roach can produce 300 offspring in her short lifetime, and if you’ve begun seeing them, then it’s likely that they’ve already decided that your home is their home.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, and most of the time they will only come out when you’re asleep to feed. That is, until you have so many of them that they are actually being crowded out of their hiding places! (Yeah, think about that while you’re lying in bed tonight.)

Roaches are dangerous to you and your pets!

Many people don’t realize that roaches are actually carriers for disease, bacteria, and even worms. So, if you have pets, getting rid of roaches becomes even more critical, because cats and dogs are not above eating a scurrying pest, picking up something nasty in the process, and in some cases, even passing that parasite on to you!

I saw one roach should I be worried
Roaches bring with them bacteria, disease, allergens, and even other parasites.

What to do if you see a cockroach

If you see just a single roach, then you might think nothing of it. That’s what we did, and it was a big mistake. That’s because if you see one roach, then there could be a hundred more just like it that you don’t see.

Our one roach soon turned into a lot, and getting rid of them was an enormous undertaking. When people say that roaches will be the only thing to survive the nuclear blast that ends the world, they aren’t kidding, and I wish we’d taken that more seriously early on.

We also struggled with the fact that many of the poisons used to kill these pests are very dangerous for pets and small children who aren’t very careful about what they put in their mouths! Many of them actually use peanut butter for the “bait” which is very attractive to pets!

Fortunately, there’s an excellent and all-natural pest control product on the market that works great for roaches, and it won’t harm your kids or your pets! Hoorah!

GreenBean Buddy makes short work of not just roaches, but also bedbugs, ants, lice, fleas, and ticks!

GreenBean Buddy is an all-natural pest control product that doesn’t use harsh chemicals to kill bugs. Instead, it uses natural products which interfere with the target insect’s body. These ingredients don’t harm mammals, which means humans, dogs, and cats are totally safe.

It’s also a great multi-purpose pesticide, because it not only kills roaches, but it’s also an all-natural method to control fleas, ticks, ants, lice, beetles, mites, and even the notoriously frightening bed bug!

Humans, dogs, cats, and even other insects, like bees, don’t function the same way, allowing you to use GreenBean Buddy to treat your home and yard without any worries about harming other creatures.

We love how transparent the company is about their ingredient too, and you can see everything that goes into their product, so there’s no worries about a bait and switch situation.

Here’s how to use GreenBean Buddy to give roaches the boot!

Step 1: Starve them out

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so first thing’s first. Make sure there are no food or water sources for them in your home! Keep all food in air-tight containers.

Step 2: Spray common problem area

Start where you saw the roach, liberally applying product to the area. Make sure to spray in and around the cabinets, under the sink, near the trash cans, around windows and doors, and in the bathrooms, an often forgotten water source for roaches.

Step 3: Re-apply as needed

Roaches are tricky! You might need more than one application to be rid of them and break their egg laying cycle. So, don’t stop after one application. Re-apply every couple of weeks, at least until you’re sure that they’re gone. Getting the gallon size will give you plenty for your home, inside and out.

The basics are pretty easy in theory, but if you really want to learn how to roach-proof your house, then keep reading to learn where the biggest problem areas are and how to fix them pronto.

Roach Re-con 101: Destroying the enemy

If you think that you may have a burgeoning roach infestation, then you may need to take drastic measures. Once a roach population is established, it can be near impossible to be rid of them entirely due to how quickly they breed.

Make your home less inhabitable for roaches so they leave!
Roaches need certain conditions to live, encourage them to move out by denying those needs!

In order to win the war, you first need to understand your enemy. In this case, we know that roaches need a few key things to survive and thrive, and by denying them those things you can make your job much easier.

Make their hiding spots uninhabitable!

Roaches love dark, cramped, and warm spaces – which they use to build their nests. So, your first step should be to make any of these places unsuitable for them to take up residence in.

Spray around appliances and electronics where roaches like to gather.

Spray in and around cabinets, and behind appliances. Anything that offers a dark area, particularly one that puts off a good deal of warmth will be attractive to them.

You’ll also want to try to seal off potential nesting areas if you can, such as any spaces between your walls and the cabinets where roaches can build nests that are hard to get bug killer in to.

Check for leaks!

Roaches love damp places, and they will die much faster without water than they will without food. If you’ve suddenly found roaches but you don’t know why, then there could be a leak somewhere that you don’t know about yet!

how to get rid of roaches
Roaches need water – Make sure you don’t have any leaks!

Check around all of your faucets to look for anything that could be leaking. You may also want to spray some GreenBean Buddy in your bathrooms and under your kitchen sink, as these are commonly overlooked areas that can keep roach populations alive!

Keep things off surfaces.

Keep tables, counters and floors cleared as much as possible. Roaches like to congregate under things like this, and they will be less likely to take up residence when there’s no suitable hiding spots for them.

How to get rid of roaches
Roaches love clutter – so get rid of it!

Roaches loves paper, and if you have cardboard boxes or newspapers laying around then these could become prime nesting areas for them. However, they can also eat paper, providing them a food source that can keep them going, even if you’ve meticulously swept up every crumb of food.

Keep key areas extra clean!

Roaches can live in a scary number of places, and you’ll need to make efforts to keep some places you may not think of extra clean to starve them. Stop feeding them or they’ll never leave.

how to stop roaches from infesting your home
Clean key areas daily to starve out any existing roach populations.
  • Keep counters wiped down
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink or on tables
  • Rinse cans and bottles out
  • Empty trash daily
  • Make sure appliances are clean (microwave, toaster, ect.)
  • Clean out drains
  • Empty the cat box every day
  • Look for food stuck in the dishwasher
  • Don’t leave pet food out, pick it up when they are done eating

Seal any exterior entry points

Have you checked your windows and doors lately? See if any of them need to be resealed. This will do double duty by also saving you on your electric bills.

Keep roaches out - check seals on windows, doors, cabinets, and vents
Stop roaches before they get in – Seal windows and doors properly!

You may also want to walk the exterior of your house and make sure there are no cracks or holes in the walls where pests could be getting in. If there are then you should seal these immediately.

Even if you don’t yet have a roach problem, GreenBean Buddy provides a good line of defense that will make your home less attractive to any bugs who get ideas about living there. Any roaches who wander in will quickly find it unsuitable or die coming into contact with the spray.

Remember, the next time you ask “I saw one cockroach should I be worried?” Think about hundreds of them crawling inside your walls. Then, take proper preventative measures, like we’ve outline above, to make sure that this doesn’t happen, because once they’re established, getting rid of them is a nightmare.

Michelle Rei

Michelle is a pet parent turned amateur pet product researcher. After adopting a fur baby with digestive issues caused by bad pet food, she's poured hundreds of hours into research to find the best of the best to help him and other pets live happier and healthier lives.